Real-Life Fictional Stories: 'Super Meat Boy'

Real-Life Fictional Stories Super Meat Boy

OK, OK, I get it. People are always coming up to like: "Jacob Williams, we get it bro, you work on some of the best games ever made. You were awesome in Modern Warfare 2, and yes, your melee attack in Halo: Reach was the best part of the game, forget the Master Chief cameo, you rocked that joint. But look, all you ever talk about are big games, like Reach, Modern Warfare 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Dead Rising 2. Are you just some commercial shill only willing to work on or talk about the big-budget blockbusters, or are you a real actor, an actual artist?" My answer: yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Whatever question you ask, my answer is yes. Even if you ask me what the opposite of "yes" is -- you know, when most people would answer "no" -- my answer is still "yes." And because you asked a question, and because my answer is always yes, in this post I will talk about my work in Super Meat Boy.

For those of you who don't know, Super Meat Boy launches on October 20 for XBLA as one of the last games of Game Feast. And it will be launching on sale for 800 MS points (which may or may not be worth more than an actual US dollar, I don't know, I don't follow the news and stuff, I don't have time for all that, Newsies on the other hand...that I always have time for). But yeah, the game is hard, and it is rad, and the advertising behind it is also rad, rad as in radical, as in retro, as is early 90's, as in cowabunga. And that is what I want to talk about here. So if you haven't already seen the ad, check it out. You can read what the fine Game Rant people had to say about it here and you can watch the trailer yourself below... holla at your boy:


Now if you were thinking, "Oh snap, that trailer was the bomb," you would actually be a little incorrect. It was not, "the bomb," it was only a trailer or video commercial for Super Meat Boy. It was most definitely not a bomb, or "the bomb," and you can trust me, I watched The Hurt Locker at least 2.47 times, so I think I would know a bomb, or "the bomb" when I see it. But anyway, stop distracting me already. Now, if you were thinking, "Dude, the floating mouths in that video looked a lot like your mouth," then you would be correct, 100% correct. And listen to this people that were thinking I was just a big-budget shill, I volunteered my time for the shoot. You read correctly, totally volunteered my time. In fact, I only asked for a few thousand dollars in return to compensate me for the time I was volunteering to work on the shoot. So yeah, who is the shill now? That is what I thought.

So hopefully this post has answered your questions about what type of actor or artist I am. And hopefully you learned a little something about Newsies and Super Meat Boy too while you were at it. Maybe now you can stop asking questions challenging me; questions Frank Smiterson most likely paid you to ask in the first place -- freaking Frank. But now it is my turn, what kind of gamer are you? Do you think you can handle Super Meat Boy? Did you notice how clean and awesome my teeth looked in that video? Let me know in the comments below.

Super Meat Boy is available on XBLA on Tuesday, Oct. 20 for 800 MS points. It should hit on the Wii and PC at a later date.

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