If you haven’t heard of Rayman: Origins by now, then you’ve missed out. Last year’s best platformer did more to reinvigorate a classic character and franchise than any may have hoped, and now the evidence is growing that a sequel is in the works. Developer Ubisoft has yet to make any official announcements, but have gone to the trouble of registering domain names for ‘Rayman Legends.’

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and when combined with the recent leak of a myth inspired Origins sequel, all signs point to ‘Legends’ being the next entry in the sidescrolling series. If that is the case, then expect to see Ubisoft give more announcements come E3 2012. Rayman: Origins was unveiled at last year’s press conference to uproarious applause at the stunning art style and fluid co-op gameplay, so nobody can blame the developers for hoping to repeat the same feat.

It seems that every year a game property manage to achieve massive sales while being heavily criticized or altogether panned, nevertheless earning the property at least one – who are we kidding, two – numbered sequels. So it’s nice to see the opposite happen every once in a while. While Rayman: Origins didn’t smash sales records, a host of high review scores and accolades just may have convinced Ubisoft that this series has potential. And while we may take issue with the use of ‘Legends’ and ‘Origins’ as suffixes that bear absolutely no impact on the gameplay itself, we’ll grant modern game-makers a little latitude. After all, it’s better than ‘Rayman: Origins 2.’

Considering the proximity to this year’s E3, it might even be possible to see ‘Rayman Legends’ playable on the Wii U, among other consoles. We can only imagine the unique types of gameplay that could be on display with the tablet controller, but Nintendo might want to steer clear of impressing only with retro sidescrollers on the Wii U.

Registering domain names is far from a confirmation, since ‘Legends’ could be anything from a handheld title to a Facebook social game. There were rumors of a game by that name being in the works last year, so hopefully it is a full retail release like we hope. If nothing else, ‘Rayman Legends’ will help us recover from our frustrations with the Rayman 3 HD re-release.

If Ubisoft makes ‘Rayman Legends‘ official, or chooses to unveil the game at E3 2012, we’ll keep you up to date.

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Source: Fusible