‘Rayman Legends’ Gets Next-Gen Release Date, Snoop Lion Wisdom

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The term legendary gets thrown around quite a lot these days, what with blockbuster franchises and reboots growing by the day. In the case of Rayman Legends, the developers at Ubisoft Montpelier turned to the more wondrous elements of ‘legendary’ settings to bring something new to the platforming genre, and delivered one of the best examples in recent memory.

But now that the game’s release date on Xbox One and PS4 has been set in stone – February 25, 2014 – the game’s hero is turning to a true icon for a crash course in what it takes to become a legend. No, not Super Mario; the one and only Snoop Lion.

The video spot was produced in conjunction with Maker Studios’ Polaris network; exactly what Snoop and Rayman have in common isn’t quite clear (aside from a similar flair for hair), but the arrival of Legends on next-gen consoles is certainly something platforming fans should look forward to. Even if the odd Snoop/Rayman hybrid seen in the trailer isn’t going to be playable in the finished product.

Since that Legends managed to exceed the lofty heights of its predecessor Origins (read our review if in doubt), it was unfortunate that Ubisoft ended up crediting their lowered 2013 sales projections to the game’s disappointing sales. Other Ubisoft games were also to blame, but it seems the publisher isn’t going to let next-gen gamers overlook a quality platformer. And given the competition, they might be onto something.

Rayman Legends Luchadore Boss

Because even thought gamers have invested in both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the millions, the current slate of next-gen titles isn’t exactly overwhelming. Owners are sure to find their favorites, but with a shortage of not only lighthearted gameplay experiences or family-focused titles, but ones which families can actually play together, Legends is a no-brainer.

The visual style and animations were one of the most impressive aspects of Legends on the previous generation of consoles, so much so that the next-gen systems aren’t promised to improve them significantly. As a result, the only core changes being made are in regards to the use of the PS4 controller’s touchpad, and the PS Vita Remote Play.

Will you consider picking up a copy of one of 2013’s best platformers for some next-gen co-op, or did you get your fill on the previous generation? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Rayman Legends releases February 25, 2014 for the Xbox One and PS4.

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