Caesar Feels a Draft in the New 'Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time' Trailer

The Raving Rabbids have returned to wreak plunger-filled havoc on your Wii. This time they take their unique brand of bug-eyed banshee screams on an adventure through some of time’s most famous historical moments. The nice folks over at Ubisoft have released a brand new trailer for Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time that finally answers the burning question on everyone’s minds: Did the Romans go commando under those togas?


Despite the complete lack of gameplay footage here, the trailer is yet another in a long line of off-beat humorous trailers that has become a trademark of the Rabbids franchise. Previous trailers for this time-traveling title have shown the white wascals wandering through ancient Egypt, giving prehistoric man a light and showing Mona Lisa what there is to smile about.

Even though you wouldn’t know it from this particular trailer, we do know that the game has returned to its party/mini game roots. I actually think this is kind of a bummer. Revisionist time travel tales done for the sake of humor can usually yield some pretty funny results. This game could have been a solid tongue-in-cheek trek through time where the player’s actions impacted major historic events. I know I’m not the only one who would have found it at least a little funny to have seen a nefarious Rabbid standing on the grassy knoll. Okay, maybe that’s on the M-rated director’s cut, but you get what I’m saying. Instead we get another collection of mini-games that have little to do with the game’s setting, and the humor gets limited to cut-scenes. Given they will probably some fairly hilarious cut-scenes, but it’s still not the game that could have been. It just seems like a perfect pairing of character and setting has gone to waste here.

What do the Wii-loving Ranters have to say about the Rabbids latest romp? Are you ready to jump into the time-traveling washing machine with them? Or is that just absurd because we all know that time machines are either phone booths or DeLoreans?

Wii owners can join the Rabbids on their most excellent adventure when Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time goes back to the future on November 11th.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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