Raven Software Hiring Mo-Cap Actors; Is 'Singularity 2' On The Way?

Raven Software Hiring Could Singularity 2 Be On The Way

Raven Software, known most recently for the cult hit Singularity, is currently hiring male actors for voice over and motion capture work. Normally this wouldn't turn any heads, but with the job lasting anywhere between twelve to fourteen months, we're thinking Raven has something new up its sleeve.

Currently, Actisivion has Raven Software working on DLC for Modern Warfare 3's 9 month Content Season. However, it seems odd that Raven would need to hire voice over actors for such a long period of time just to work on DLC, especially considering that the developer can just reuse most of the assets from the core game.

So what does this mean? Well, it probably means that the developer is working on a brand new game. Twelve to fourteen months is about half of the average development cycle. The only question is, what could the game be?

The logical assumption is that Raven is working on a sequel to 2010's Singularity, though that could just be the fanboy in me speaking. The studio has said in the past that there were plans for a sequel, and parent company Activision believed there was longevity in the franchise. While the title may not have sold Call of Duty numbers, it wouldn't be the first time Activision's greenlit a sequel for one of its less successful games. Certainly none of us were expecting Protoype 2, yet in 2010 the game was shown off at the Spike VGAs.

Check out the job description from Raven's Facebook page:

"Raven Software is looking for Male Actors for Motion Capture and Voice Over work. All work will be on a part-time basis for approximately 12 to 14 months as an On-Call performer. Notification of work will be given three to seven days in advance, so a flexible schedule is preferred. Work load is based on needs of future projects. Raven Software is located in Middleton WI, so actors are responsible for their own transportation."

Raven has also been the developer of the Soldier of Fortune games, as well as the enjoyable X-men Origins: Wolverine and the latest Wolfenstein game. It's possible that they could be working on new iterations of these franchises, as it's been a while since we've seen a new Soldier of Fortune or Wolfenstein title.

Raven Software does have plenty of creativity; Singularity was quite an enjoyable game that scored a great review from us and landed in our Ten Scary Moments From This Generation. For fans of the original title, the announcement of Singularity 2 would be most welcome.

Ranters, what do you hope Raven's mystery project turns out to be?


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