Raven Software Hiring For 'Realistic Military Shooter'

Raven Software Hiring Realistic Military Shooter

The development house behind Singularity, Raven Software, has been putting out the call for applications from people who want to work on an "established, console based, realistic military first person shooter" (try saying that three times fast). Raven is seeking staff members who can work on visual and other effects and game assets (modeling, textures). Speculation regarding Raven working on Black Ops DLC has been put to rest as the job listing calls for those interested to "come work with [Raven] on our exciting new unannounced title."

Game Rant enjoyed Singularity (as per our review) and while the premise of the game was a bit out there, it was something new in a field that's dominated by "realistic military shooters." With games like Homefront coming out later, game developers may have a harder time creating a new game that's based in that genre. Why? Adding new features, or at least dressing up old features to look new, will start to become difficult. Modern Warfare 2 did a pretty decent job of reflecting the kinds of technology available to armed forces today, so it's curious to see what kind of game Raven wants to put out.

Judging by the job posting, pre-production work regarding story and gameplay features may already be done, so if Raven gets their workers soon, they might announce the game in 2011 with a possible release in 2012.

Rumors are still abound that Raven is also working on the next James Bond 007 game, but might they quickly be put to rest with this job announcement? James Bond 007 could hardly be considered realistic, let alone military. Of course, when discussing the future of any FPS oriented studio owned by Activision, the name Call of Duty has to get brought up. Raven has already been linked to the franchise, but could it be that they are doing more than map packs? Could Raven, and not the re-structured Infinity Ward, be in charge of Modern Warfare 3? An "established, console based, realistic military first person shooter" certainly sounds like MW3, doesn't it?

Game Rant will be bringing you the news of any game coming out from Raven Software, whatever it ultimately proves to be.

Anybody care to take a guess what this new game might be?

Source: CVG

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