Raven Software Job Posting Confirms 'Call of Duty' Involvement?

Raven Software Job Posting Confirms Call of Duty Involvement

A recent Raven Software job posting has confirmed the studio's involvement with the Call of Duty series.

The job posting, which is no longer live on Raven' site, described Raven Software as a developer of numerous ward-winning games, including contributions to the blockbuster Call of Duty. Specifically, the posting was looking for a designer to join a team to work on an established first-person shooter.

The job posting itself, therefore, does not mean Raven is necessarily looking to hire someone to work on an upcoming Call of Duty game but it did clearly state Raven has contributed to the franchise. That would seem like some pretty definitive evidence that Raven worked or is working on some aspect of a yet-to-be released Call of Duty game. It is either that or Raven contributed some amount to a past Call of Duty game and did not get any real recongiztion for their involvement. There were some rumors that they helped on maps for Black Ops -- perhaps that is the extent of their involvement.

Raven Software certainly seems to have the FPS experience though to contribute in a major way to an upcoming Call of Duty game. From Quake 4, Wolfenstein, and Singularity among others, Raven has shown they have what it takes to make a comptent FPS. Whether competent is enough when it comes to Call of Duty however remains to be seem. Perhaps if Raven worked with Inifitny Ward or Sledgehammer, Activision could find the perfect mix of talent needed to deliver another blockbuster Call of Duty title.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3D

Everyone knows another Call of Duty is coming, the main question now is just who is developing it and what "newness" will be brought to the table. And while a particular developer's involvement is certainly news worthy and interesting, in terms of what it might mean for the next installment, will it really matter in the long run? There was a lot bad press surrounding Treyarch and Black Ops at first but it is pretty easy to say the game did really well both with consumers and critics.

What is your take on Raven's involvement with Call of Duty? Do you think they are playing a substantial role with a future Call of Duty game or do you think the posting was just referring to some smaller work done in the past? Will the developer or developers involved with the next Call of Duty game impact your purchasing decision when the game comes out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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