The 10 Rarest Video Game Accessories (And How Much They’re Worth)

One of the most charming aspects of the gaming hobby is the accessories. From the very beginning, gaming was plagued by silly, nonsensical, embarrassing, but sometimes brilliant accessories. Some of these were console accessories that helped keep the console fresh and interesting. Some were game-specific accessories that were usually run as some sort of promotion. But, whatever the case, they are incredibly valuable.

Well, some of them are incredibly valuable. Most are just trash. Luckily, we're here to sift the brilliance from the moronic. These are the ten rarest video game accessories (and how much they're worth).

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10 The Power Glove - $100-200

Ah yes, the Power Glove, a.k.a. one of the dumbest video game accessories ever created. Released back in the late 80s, the Power Glove was heavily marketed and touted as some sort of high tech machine that bridged the gap between gaming and reality and foretold the rise of virtual reality.

What it really was was a stupid-looking glove that barely even worked. Plus, that name —Power Glove. It just makes us shiver. These aren't super rare today, but you'll definitely need to hit up eBay if you want to get your hands on one. You'll also have to shell out a couple of hundred bucks. We advise against it.

9 Nintendo 64DD - $2,000

Before the GameCube, there was the Nintendo 64DD, a disk-based peripheral that tried to compete with the PlayStation. Only, a PlayStation this was not. There's a reason you've never heard of it. Only ten games were released for the Nintendo 64DD, and it sold just over 10,000 units, which many professionals in the business call "an embarrassing failure."

As you can imagine, this little bitty has become a bit of a collector's item over the years, and you can find them online going for around $2,000. So, about as much as the console made, then.

8 N64 Prototype Cartridges - $1,000-3,000

The Nintendo 64DD isn't the only thing that Nintendo experimented with when it came to their iconic console. They manufactured really long cartridges which were much longer and larger than the traditional cartridges of the day. Some believe that they were given out to outlets and critics for review, or given to developers for prototyping.

Either way, they're now on the market and selling for a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the seller and the quality of the cartridge. It's a good thing they didn't go with these for release. That would take up a ton of shelf space.

7 Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case - $2,000

One of the most famous and expensive accessories in gaming history is the assassin case for Elemental Gearbolt. This obscure game was released way back for the PlayStation, and it required a light gun to use. Remember those?

If you wanted to look even cooler, you could have shelled out some cash for the assassin case, which included an attache briefcase, a faux-gold light gun, a red memory card, and the game itself. Because nothing quite screams "cool" than looking like an assassin! You can find these floating around eBay, each of which go for around $2,000.

6 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition - $3,500

Gamers love them some special editions. Turns out, they REALLY love them some Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition. The Fortune Hunter edition was never sold in stores, and it contains the game itself, a replica of the Phurba Dagger, the official strategy guide, art book, soundtrack, and an autographed collector's case.

Sounds like a bunch of solid stuff, but the rarity has only increased its value. Nowadays, you can find a Fortune Hunter edition on eBay for around $3,500. You must really like the Uncharted series to shell out that kind of cash for a collector's edition.

5 R.O.B. - $5,000

R.O.B. is a brilliant piece of gaming history. Following the infamous video game crash of 1983, Nintendo wanted to re-brand and prove that the NES could be more than a mere video game console like the Atari. They heavily pushed R.O.B. (Robot Operating Buddy), calling it "the world's first video robot." It was launched in North America alongside the NES, and the success of the NES helped revitalize the entire video game industry.

Unfortunately, R.O.B. was quickly discontinued, and many experts now believe it was meant to serve as a fancy and sacrificial marketing ploy to sell Nintendo consoles. You can find some on eBay today for around $5,000.

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4 NES Controller Coffee Table - $13,500

Now, just imagine walking into your friend's house and seeing a gigantic wooden NES controller sitting in the middle of their living room. We have to admit, it would be pretty cool. This custom, made-to-order coffee table is constructed in the shape of an NES controller, and it's made from walnut, maple, and mahogany.

It also measures 40'' by 17.5'' and claims to be "fully functional," which frankly seems like something out of science fiction. It can be bought for the small, small price of $13,500, so start saving up!

3 Gold And Diamond Covered GameBoy - $25,000

Have you ever wanted a gold and diamond-covered GameBoy? No, of course you haven't. But the option is certainly there! You all remember the GameBoy, that extremely primitive toy that seemed like the absolute coolest thing back in the day. You could take gaming on the road with you!

Well, this is just a regular old Game Boy, only it's covered by real gold and diamonds. Why, you may ask? Why not, we say. Of course, such a status symbol comes with a big price sticker, and these were going for $25,000 upon release. Turns out gold and diamonds are really expensive.

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2 Gold Xbox 360 - $36,000

Now, this is a status piece if we've ever seen one. If you weren't content with the boring black or white Xbox 360s like the rest of us plebs, you could have upgraded to a fancy 25-karat gold Xbox 360. Yes, this was literally just an Xbox 360 made out of gold. Well, not made out of gold, but you know what we mean.

This ridiculous console was sold on eBay back in the day for $36,000, which is more than some people make in an entire year. Your friends would either be really impressed or really irritated and disgusted. You know... depending on your friends.

1 Wii Supreme - $375,000



The Wii Supreme is one of, if not THE rarest console on the market. It was created by Stuart Hughes, whose website calls the Wii Supreme "the most unique and expensive [console] in the world."

According to the description found on the website, the console took six months to create, and it boasts "over 2,500 grams of solid 22 karat gold." The front buttons are also made out of 19.5-carat diamonds—because of course they are. Unfortunately, only three of these consoles were made, significantly boosting the value. The website lists it at £300,000, which roughly translates to $375,000 USD.

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