The 10 Rarest Game Consoles To Exist Today (And How Much They're Worth)

The thing about video game consoles is that they're often called a collector's item but only certain ones are. Sure, there are hundreds of millions of PS4s and Xbox Ones throughout the world, so those can't really be considered as such. But when you take into account special collector's editions, custom made consoles, and rare consoles from the past, you can see what an extensive hobby console collecting can become.

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Many of these consoles are beautiful, but if you want them, you're going to have to pay a pretty penny. These are the ten rarest video game consoles, and how much they're worth.

10 Pokemon Stadium N64 Battle Set

To promote the wonderful Pokémon Stadium, Nintendo decided to release a special Battle Set version of the Nintendo 64. This included the Nintendo 64 console itself, Pokémon Stadium, an "atomic purple" controller, an N64 transfer pak, and a Pokémon Trainer Journal.

These special sets are relatively rare today, but you can still find a few circling around on eBay. While a specific price isn't nailed down, you can expect to find them between $300 and $500, or about the same price as a modern PS4 or Xbox One.

9 This Is Cool Sega Saturn

The "This Is Cool" Saturn was a model of the Skeleton Saturn line. These were the final Saturn models to be produced, and they are distinguished by their see-through bodies. One of the models had the words "This Is Cool" inscribed on the CD drive for some bizarre reason, and only 30,000 or so were ever produced, leading to their reputation as a valuable collector's item.

Luckily, you can find a few on eBay, where they are currently going between $400 and $700.

8 Pikachu N64 Set

The N64 was all about their Pokémon exclusives. To promote the video game Hey You, Pikachu, Toys R Us decided to release an exclusive Nintendo 64 console. This console was painted a vibrant blue and yellow, and it came with massive Pikachu and Poke Ball-themed buttons.

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It also included the game itself, the Voice Recognition Unit, the required microphone, and a "bonus animated/talking Pokemon watch." You can expect to see these selling on eBay for roughly $1,000.

7 Code Veronica Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is an underrated console that was vastly overshadowed by the PlayStation 2. That said, it performed well and had some killer games, including the then-exclusive Resident Evil - Code Veronica.

To promote the game, a special, limited version of the Dreamcast was produced and released in Japan. This contained the game itself and a unique red and see-through Dreamcast console. This is now a valuable collector's edition, and you should expect to see it selling for anywhere between $1,200 and $1,700.

6 Red Pokemon Game Boy Micro

Not many people remember the Game Boy Micro. It was released back in 2005 as a redesigned version of the Game Boy Advance, and it turned out to be the final product in the iconic Game Boy line.

The console is valuable enough just for that but there's also a special limited version released exclusively in Japan. The console is red in color and contains a little Pikachu decal above the B button. Despite being exceedingly rare, you can find a few on eBay selling for around $2,000.

5 Nintendo 64DD

As you all know, the Nintendo 64 ran on cartridges. But, at the time, PlayStation was turning heads with its fancy new CD technology, and Nintendo quickly wanted a part of that action. Enter the 64DD, a disk drive peripheral released exclusively in Japan in 1996.

Unfortunately, it was a massive commercial failure and no one really remembers it even existed. But with failure comes rarity, and these babies are on a whole other level of rare. If you can find one on eBay, you should expect to see it for $2,500 to $3,000, depending on its condition.

4 Sega Genesis CDX

Beginning in the early 90s, Sega combined their Genesis and Sega CD into one hybrid console called the Genesis CDX. The unit retailed for an unbelievable $400 at release, and its exorbitant price resulted in some rather lackluster sales.

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Of course, the value has only gone up with time, and the Sega Genesis CDX now fetches quite a price on sites like eBay. You should expect a typical, run-of-the-mill console to sell for $1,000 at the cheapest, although you'll also see better quality ones selling for upwards of $4,000 or $5,000. It's no joke.

3 Dreamcast S.T.A.R.S. Edition

If you want to talk rarity, let's talk the legendary S.T.A.R.S. Dreamcast. This was a console officially released by Sega exclusively in Japan. It has a grey/blue color scheme and comes with a special S.T.A.R.S. sticker on the disc drive.

It was also released with an exclusive controller, the video game Code Veronica (again), and some other Resident Evil merchandise. Only 200 consoles were made, so as you can expect, the value has skyrocketed. It's exceedingly rare to find this online, although one has recently popped up on eBay for an exorbitant $7,000.

2 Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DSi XL

Now, this is one beautiful console. According to the seller, this is an extremely rare console that was "only given out as prizes to the top players who competed in the Pokemon World Championships in 2010 held in Hawaii."

The console is a vibrant yellow, complete with beautiful decals of various Pokemon and the symbol for the 2010 Pokemon World Championships in the corner. The seller has valued the console at a whopping $7,000, although it doesn't seem to be getting much attention.

1 Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP

And here we have one of the rarest video games consoles ever made - the elusive gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP. According to the seller, this rare limited edition pack is a UK exclusive, and it contains both the Minish Cap video game and a considerably rare gold Game Boy Advance SP.

The console itself is rare enough, but this particular copy comes equipped with a factory sealed box in nearly mint condition. And no, it's not cheap. The seller currently has it priced at a whopping $8,000, or if you'd rather, $334 a month for 24 months. Hey, if you have that kind of disposable cash, then go right ahead because this is practically the Holy Grail of video game consoles.

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