Rare Developing 'Mature' Title For Microsoft's Xbox 720

While gamers are preparing for the winter onslaught of epic sequels and blockbuster titles, there are some in the industry that are looking much further into the future. With the occasional rumor cropping up over the next generation of consoles – each piece of speculation is at least one day closer to the truth.

This time around, the rumor is a tad harder to discredit. Microsoft has been leading the rumor mill lately with Xbox 720 speculation and today we’ve got an especially intriguing detail.

It seems that developer Rare is working on a title for the upcoming Microsoft console. Not exactly surprising news, but what might come as a bigger surprise is the fact that Rare, who is best known for kid-friendly titles (as well as few more violent endeavors) is testing several “Mature” rated games for the system’s launch. While Rare does have a wide variety of titles in their past library, to forgo their current family-friendly focus and go for a more adult audience is definitely a change of pace.

Rare’s head Craig Duncan offered up this explanation:

“It’s about creating fun innovative games that can be hugely successful, not necessarily about genre and characters.”

Along with Rare, developers Lionhead Studios and Turn 10 have also said that they are working on projects for the upcoming Xbox 720 – presumably set to come out sometime in 2013 or as late as 2014 (if Bethesda is to believed). Meaning, Lionhead could help fire an opening salvo with Fable 4, while Turn 10 will have just enough time to polish the chrome on a fifth Forza title.

That’s not including Crytek’s possible work on a long-waited Timesplitters 4, which would leave a pretty hefty mark on Microsoft’s intro into the market. Unfortunately, nothing will be confirmed until at least next near’s E3, where it’s been almost all but comfirmed that Microsoft will make the long-awaited announcement. Until then, rumors and speculations will no doubt mount.

Source: Eurogamer

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