Composer Claims That 2015 is Going to Be a 'Huge Year' for Rare

Rare Composer Teases Big Year 2015

If there's one company that's not afraid to purchased exclusives it's Microsoft. The house of Gates has laid down some serious cash to secure a number of different titles in the past – with the latest being an exchange of $2.5 billion for developer Mojang and Minecraft – but this is far from the first studio and IP purchased by the technology-driven giant. In fact, the Xbox manufacturer really turned heads back in 2002 when it bought out Rare and made the once Nintendo-exclusive developer a wholly owned subsidiary.

After the studio released a handful of games based on its rich lineup of licenses, many believed that the studio had been shifted into a Kinect focussed one. Following the release of Kinect Sports Rivals for Microsoft's current hardware, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has stated that he wants Rare to mean more than just Kinect Sports. While fans still aren't sure what is coming next for the legendary developer, it appears that they won't be left waiting long as Rare composer Robin Beanland tweeted that 2015 "is a HUGE year for Rare."

As Beanland's Twitter post indicates, it appears that Rare will at the very least be unveiling its current project at some point this year. The identity of this game is up for speculation, but some seem to think that the notes featured in the tease could be an indication of a new Banjo-Kazooie installment. Since the infamous bird and bear duo are known for collecting musical notes, much like the ones featured in Beanland's tweet, this seems like an obvious connection to draw.


As for the sheet music itself, I had a musically-inclined friend play what notes could be seen on the piano in an attempt to see if it could be roped in with an existing Rare property. As is evident by the photo itself, however, very few of the notes are visible – thus making it impossible to tell what tune and game Beanland could be teasing.

Regardless, past job postings could be an indication of what genre the next game will fall under. Both action/adventure and first-person shooter genres were mentioned alongside the aforementioned listings, but it sounds as if these ideas would be a new IP rather than any sort of legacy franchise. Of course, plans can change, and since fans are eager for the promise of an indie-made Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor, it would be a mistake to count out the possibility of seeing the backpack-wearing bear and smart aleck bird make their return on Xbox One.

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Source: Robin Beanland (via MCV)

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