Ranking Ash's Original Pokémon Team

Ash Ketchum has caught many Pokémon in his 25 years as a 10-year-old. It's almost as if his name is a prophecy... or some sort of pun. Either way, he's had many different teams over the years. His Kanto team is a fan favorite, obviously.

Today, we're going to be taking a look at all ten of his original Pokémon and ranking how good they really were. We won't be looking at Lapras (as they used that poor thing as a glorified boat) or Primeape (as Ash abandoned him after like... a single battle). Without any further ado, let's get into it.

10 Pidgeot

Oh, look, another Pokémon that Ash abandoned. Are we really surprised? Pidgeot was never used much in battle and, unfortunately, was mainly used to fly around and tell Ash when he saw Team Rocket. What an existence... Still, Pidgeot did complete his role well. He still was clearly a great and valued part of Ash's team, even if he didn't get to battle as much as we would have liked to see.

9 Butterfree

Responsible for literally all of the tears that have ever been shed, we have Butterfree. One of Ash's first Pokémon ever, this little guy was even an asset as a Metapod (literally destroying a Pinsir's... pincer). The Pokémon really didn't lose many battles in his time.

Unfortunately, once he saw the most beautiful Butterfree (that was pink because pink means girl obviously), he knew that he was in love. Ash wanted him to take his chance, and Butterfree left the party in what was probably the most emotional scene in all of television history. We love you Butterfree.

8 Snorlax

Here's the thing about Snorlax, it is an incredibly powerful Pokémon, one of the strongest that Ash has ever had. However, he is one sleepy boi. This man cannot stay awake for the life of him.

Because of this, he's not too reliable. Ash really can't trust that he'll be awake and ready to get things done when he needs, which really is just the fattest of all moods. In the times that he has been used in battle, he has been an absolute beast of a competitor, knocking out all of his foes. These two opposing aspects of the Pokémon are what earn him this place on the list.

7 Tauros

Whether or not Ash uses the same Tauros every time he calls upon it in battle we don't know, as he's got an entire herd of them to choose from (which we never saw him catch because he was. you know, held at gunpoint in the banned episode).

Tauros isn't called upon too often, but, when it is, it sure knows how to battle. It has managed to win most of the battles it has been a part of, even taking down an opposing Metagross at one point. These little (large) guys love Ash dearly and always do their best to clinch a win for him.

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6 Kingler

In the words of Cookie Monster and Ash's Kingler, for some reason, "COOKIE." Ash doesn't use Kingler often, and even decided it was a great idea to use the untrained Pokémon in the Kanto League... Ash is so smart.

However, he managed to evolve during his match and take out the competition. He was used in a few other Cups and Conferences since then, and has always done well, even if it isn't often Ash calls upon him.

5 Muk

Remember that one Bellsprout in the anime that was for some reason basically a Rayquaza for no reason whatsoever? Well, Muk took that out with ease. While only being used twice, Muk certainly made his mark.

He took out the aforementioned Bellsprout (that, once again, for no reason whatsoever no one else could take out), and managed to battle Gary's Scizor and Blastoise to pretty good success. Muk really hasn't had a chance to prove himself, as he simply hasn't battled many times. We're finally onto the ones Ash actually cared to use in the next entry.

4 Bulbasaur

pokemon lets go how to get bulbasaur

Ash's Bulbasaur is one of his most trusted Pokémon of all time. He's been used in battle a countless number of times. Whether it's fending off Team Rocket and saving an entire village of Bulbasaurs, battling in gyms, or duking it out in Leagues, this Pokémon is always ready to help Ash fight. He's one of the various main Pokémon that has chosen not to evolve, further proving just how powerful this Pokémon is. Do yourself a favor and watch these two reunite in the Alola arc, it's priceless.

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3 Squirtle

squirtle squad pokemon anime

Originally a part of the Squirtle Squad, this Pokémon joined Ash's party for a few seasons of the anime. This strong little guy knows how to battle with the best of 'em, and has just as long of a win record as Bulbasaur does.

It's won countless times for Ash. The Pokémon now once again is leading the Squirtle Squad but has no problems coming back and helping Ash win a battle from time to time, which has certainly saved Ash in a few different situations. Wow, what a great friend.

2 Charizard

Ash first encountered Charmander as an orphan waiting for his trainer to come back in the rain (the rain was the tears that were shed because good lord that was emotional), and, over time, it became one of Ash's most powerful Pokémon as a Charizard. That is... after Ash figured out how to hell to control this monster (it singlehandedly caused him to lose the Kanto League because he wouldn't fight). Once he started to listen, he and Ash were unstoppable, and Charizard still comes around to help with Ash's most important battles.

1 Pikachu

Did anyone expect any less? Pikachu has been on Ash's team since day one. He's battled and won for Ash a countless number of times, ignores type advantages constantly, unfortunately, tells him in straight-up English that he "always wants to be with him," this Pokémon has done it all.

Ash would never have made it as far as he has without this Pokémon by his side. Without a shadow of a doubt, Pikachu is the best Pokémon Ash has ever had.

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