Randy Pitchford Criticized for Sharing Cat Video That Shows Animal Cruelty

randy pitchford cat video animal cruelty

Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has caused a number of controversies through his social media presence, particularly on Twitter, where he has trash-talked gaming publications, aired dirty laundry between himself and former employees, and more. In his latest social media misstep, Pitchford shared a cat video showing a kitten being attacked by a crab, which many are calling animal cruelty.

Pitchford shared the cat video on Twitter, where it was posted by DAILY KITTEN and re-posted by BRAVE ANIMAL. In the now-removed video, it appears to show a crab and a kitten put in a situation where they would attack each other so that someone could film it (as opposed to naturally coming across one another in the wild). The crab ends up pinching the kitten, who cries out in pain and thrashes around wildly.

"Yet among the negative reactions I felt watching this, there's also some other stuff that isn't exactly negative. This makes me curious about how other people react..." Pitchford said of the video. As expected, many on social media have not responded well to Pitchford sharing the video, and many have found his explanation disturbing. Numerous replies to Pitchford's tweet call for him to seek some kind of mental health counseling, and many others mock him for his seemingly endless social media controversies.

Pitchford has found himself in hot water multiple times this year alone because of his social media posts. For example, when Game Informer called him out for lying about Borderlands 3 having microtransactions, Pitchford responded angrily and accused the site of being "clickbait."

He has also publicly criticized former Borderlands series voice actors, like Troy Baker and Claptrap voice actor David Eddings. Eddings, who was also a high level executive at Gearbox for a time, has been very vocal about Pitchford's behavior, going as far as to accuse him of physical assault.

Unfortunately for those at Gearbox Software, Pitchford's behavior appears to be reflecting poorly on Borderlands 3. On Twitter and various gaming forums, people are promising to not buy Borderlands 3 now as a way to protest Pitchford. Meanwhile, Pitchford has yet to delete his controversial tweet and has not responded to the backlash surrounding the disturbing cat video.

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