New Trailer For ‘Rambo: The Video Game’; European Pre-Orders Detailed

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Surrounded on all sides by Washington State’s finest, John Rambo famously uttered the phrase “nothing is over.” While war, killing and unwanted shoeshines were likely what the big man had in mind, the idiom could just as easily apply to the franchise’s own future.

With 3 sequels already in the bag and an alien-hunting addition mercifully scrapped, the Stallone-led series appeared to have been all played out — that is until Teyon Studios unleashed its latest take on the Rambo mythos. “Nothing is over” indeed.

Officially announced in August of 2012, Rambo: The Video Game is an old-school throwback in more ways than one. Combining on-rails movement with cursor dragging/ lightgun-esque action, the game recounts Rambo’s first three adventures, including stints in post-war Vietnam, idyllic Hope, Washington and Soviet-controlled Afghanistan.

With the shooter’s February 18 release fast approaching, Teyon has unveiled an all-new trailer for the game, titled ‘Machine of War.’ While the near-90-second clip adds little fresh information to the mix, the trailer does highlight a number of iconic moments as recreated in the game, including — exploding arrowhead retribution, gunship revenge and Afghani-battle carnage.

Rambo War Machine Trailer

The latest trailer also confirms the game’s pre-order incentives, a set of bighead Rambo figurines, exclusive to the promotion. Measuring three inches in height, the statuettes, which recreate the first two film posters in the series are currently confirmed for European release only, with Teyon advising gamers to double check retail stock before putting down a deposit.

In other Rambo-related news, the game’s development head Piotr Latocha has announced that DLC will indeed be produced for the forthcoming title. While Latocha failed to mention any specifics during his PlayStation Blog post, the designer did reveal that the content would explore “further facets of Rambo’s character and battle skills.” While this likely points to extra guns and basic abilities, the move could also signal the release of new missions, perhaps set in war-time Vietnam.

On the surface, Rambo: The Video Game looks like being a bit of a disaster for Teyon, with its heavily outdated graphics and ’90s arcade gameplay. The studio’s previous effort Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear proved just how bad an on-rails shooter can get, though that experience, coupled with the addition of the Rambo license could perhaps give this title a few fleeting moments of fun.

Will Rambo fans get a kick out of this latest adventure? Are lightgun titles a thing of the past? How would you pitch a game starring Stallone’s no-nonsense war vet? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest gaming news, right here on Game Rant.


Rambo: The Video Game releases February 18, 2014 (North America) and February 21, 2014 (Europe) for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 formats.

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