Ahead of a full reveal scheduled for later on today, Ubisoft announces the name of the hotly anticipated second DLC package set to be released for Rainbow Six: Siege.

The well-liked Rainbow Six: Siege has managed to amass a dedicated player base thanks to its atypical take on the online shooter — but, like most games in this genre, it’s now in need of some new content to keep those players engaged. Fortunately, we’re on the verge of seeing Ubisoft detail its next expansion.

We already know that Ubisoft has plans to shed some light on the second of four DLC packages expected to release for the game later on today. As a tease ahead of time, the company has revealed the name of the expansion in a tweet posted earlier this morning — Operation Dust Line.

The image posted to Twitter doesn’t tell us all that much; it’s a road largely covered by sand. However, we do already know that Siege is going to receive DLC themed around the United States, Brazil and Japan, and at least ahead of the game’s initial release they were set to launch in that order.

Previously, the first expansion released for Siege had its included operators leaked ahead of an official reveal. This hasn’t happened this time around — but there are some rumors circulating on Reddit that could well turn out to be legitimate when Ubisoft makes its big announcement later on today.

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The first relates to the new attackers, who reportedly wears a bear and seems to have access to the Nitro Cell, based on some audio that’s been uncovered. His biggest twist on gameplay is a deployable shield that protects his head, but also restricts some of his vision while aiming.

The new defender is apparently a blonde female, but not much has been found out about her just yet. However, it is being reported that she has the ability to deploy cameras around the map, something that players have been requesting since the game launched back in December 2015.

As well as these new operators, the DLC package should also contain new weaponry and a new map. In line with the geographic theming of the game’s expansions, that map will likely be based on a location within the United States.

Ubisoft’s full reveal of Operation Dust Line will air during the Pro League live stream scheduled for later on today. Interested players should head over to the Rainbow Six Twitch channel when the broadcast starts — that’s 10AM EDT and 7AM PST.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Videogamer