'Rainbow Six: Siege' Trailer: Always In Control

Rainbow Six Siege Always In Control


Ubisoft is gearing up for the long-overdue return of the Rainbow Six series, a franchise that's drastically evolved over the years from a super-tactical, planning-first style of shooter to an all out Hollywood blockbuster action FPS. For the next iteration, Ubisoft has faced major challenges in choosing what direction to go in for the Tom Clancy series and ended up scrapping the project, previously titled Rainbow 6: Patriots, before going back to the drawing board.

What we have now is Rainbow Six: Siege, announced at E3 2014 with a gameplay trailer, a game that's sort of remained under the radar when it comes to news update since it was demo'd during the summer, probably so Ubisoft can focus marketing on its four major 2014 fall releases, the last of which (The Crew) came out this week.

For the hardcore Rainbow Six fans however, Ubisoft has a blog for Siege that they've been posting updates to beginning last month, titled 'Behind the Wall.' The first covered the tools that attackers can use in a siege scenario, from operators deploying drones to gather intel and using the hook and winch system on the fly to rappel down a wall to breaching charges and using ballistic shields.

Rainbow Six Siege Always In Control

The second entry in the 'Behind the Wall' series covered the defensive side of the asymmetric gameplay. It detailed how the defender team - and this will all play into the tactical multiplayer - can set up barricades and barbed wire, use deployable shields and C4 traps and take advantage of surveillance systems to track incoming enemies.

The latest entry, teased in the video up top, is all about movement. Rainbow Six: Siege embraces the design principle of giving players full control of what they do. Whether you're laying prone or standing near a wall, you can always lean, and you can enter cover, never bothered by on-screen prompts to do so. It's 100% up to the player input and that's the "always in control" philosophy. Below are the Golden Rules Ubisoft describes too accomplish this, applying them to what they dub the the 3Cs (Character, Control and Camera).

Rainbow Six Siege - 3C Golden Rules

Gunther Galipot, user experience director and author of the Golden Rules:

"Because lethality is so high in Siege, every little thing counts and we never wanted the player to die because of something the game did."

Galipot is referring the the return of the 'no respawn' rule in this Rainbow Six entry so he isn't kidding when saying "lethality is so high in Siege."


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Rainbow Six Siege will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but currently has no release date.

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