Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season Pass Now Available, Includes 8 Operators

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Ubisoft is now allowing fans to purchase the Year 2 Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege, which will include 8 new operators, several cosmetic items, and other bonuses.

Ubisoft had only confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege would be getting a second season of DLC two weeks ago, but the studio certainly isn't waiting until the new year to get the ball rolling: as of today, fans of the series can now purchase the Year 2 Season Pass ahead of time for $30. The first season of Rainbow Six Siege content included 8 operators and 4 maps, along with a few additional bonuses like bonus Renown (the in-game currency). The Year 2 pass will function a little differently.

Those who opt-in to purchase the Year 2 Season Pass will get access to 8 brand new operators, a confirmation that means fans will be spoiled for choice by this time next year. Instead of new maps, Ubisoft will be throwing in 8 exclusive headgear customizations and 8 battle uniforms, which are cosmetic items which simply didn't exist at the beginning of Year 1. If the new uniform for Sledge is any indication, these uniforms have the potential to drastically change an operator's look. Fans will also get an R6 carbon charm, and gamers who currently hold a Year 1 pass will get a bonus 600 R6 credits on top of everything.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 2

Much like the Year 1 pass, those who buy into Year 2 will get 7-day exclusive access to the new operators as they presumably release in pairs, a 10% discount from the in-game shop, a 5% Renown boost, and 2 extra in-game challenge slots to help gamers build up their Renown a little faster. Those who pre-order the Year 2 Pass before February 7, 2017 will also get the universal obsidian weapon skin, and the latter portion of bonuses will remain active until February 7, 2018. The unlocked operators will remain accessible forever.

Once the Year 2 Pass comes into effect, the first season pass will expire. That means that anyone look for the previous DLC operators will no longer be able to unlock them via a season pass, and will have to purchase them with a hefty amount of Renown. The game has been performing well of late, drawing in a larger player base than games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

While the title still has its occasional server issues, it's clear that Rainbow Six Siege has evolved since its original release. Ubisoft will be eager to keep the good times rolling now that the title has more active users than its launch period, and a recent free weekend on Steam has only served to increase those numbers. Still, only time will tell how many potential operators return for the next year - and if fans will ever get that Bartlett University map.

Will be you be picking up a Year 2 Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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