Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Roadmap Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Year Two Roadmap

Ubisoft releases the Year Two Roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege, revealing its schedule for 2017 and confirming which countries will be featured in the next season.

Ubisoft has now released the roadmap for the second season Rainbow Six Siege content, revealing a tentative release schedule for the 8 previously confirmed operators. The news comes only two days after Ubisoft China spilled the beans on which countries would be featured in the second season of Rainbow Six Siege, although for whatever reason Ubisoft China incorrectly listed Israel instead of Poland, a country which many fans had been expecting to be included in the second season.

As the official post confirms, the countries to be featured in 2017 are Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. Spain is currently scheduled to kick things off in February 2017, with Hong Kong following in May, Poland in August, and South Korea finishing off the season next November. Ubisoft made it clear that this schedule is tentative, which is probably a good idea considering how delayed the Operation Black Ice operators were at the beginning of the game's first season.

The roadmap is also the first official confirmation that the second season of Rainbow Six Siege will receive 4 new maps throughout the course of 2017. Given how the first season deployed its content, that means that each new map will correspond with each of the new countries introduced throughout the season. While everyone playing the game - season pass or not - will get access to the maps as they drop, only gamers who purchase the year 2 pass will be able to play as the operators in their respective first week of release.

Rainbow Six Siege Year Two Season Pass

Those who buy a season pass will also get a 5% Renown boost, two extra daily challenges, a 10% discount for the in-game store, 600 R6 Credits, and some cosmetic items like headgear and battle dress uniforms. Anyone who makes the purchase before February 7, 2017 (which should be right around when the Spanish operators launch) will also get an instantly usable universal obsidian weapon skin.

Ubisoft has also promised a fair share of fixes and improvements, although the studio has remained quiet on whether the long-promised Bartlett University map will ever be rebalanced for 5 vs 5 multiplayer action. Either way, it looks like the first season of Rainbow Six Siege has been a success, as the game has been carrying higher active player numbers than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and the servers are still enjoying an additional boost of incoming players since the game was featured on a free-to-play weekend.

Are you planning on playing Rainbow Six Siege during its second season, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Ubisoft

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