Ubisoft announces the first content update for Rainbow Six Siege Year 2, Operation Velvet Shell, is arriving next week along with a free play weekend starting Thursday.

Rainbow Six Siege has been a major bright spot for Ubisoft after originally launching back in December 2015. The game has proven to be a popular competitive shooter, managing to not only maintain its user base, but also to increase the player totals well after it originally hit store shelves. Thanks to that popularity, Ubisoft revealed that the company would be creating another year worth of content for the game. After a number of teases, the company is preparing to launch the first expansion known as Operation Velvet Shell next week.

In a new press release, the first major content update for Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 is confirmed to be arriving on all major platforms next Tuesday, February 7. Known as Operation Velvet Shell, the expansion adds two additional operators, a new multiplayer map available in both PvP and PvE, and the various additional bug fixes and balance changes that come with a new update. Players looking to see what all the hype is about with Rainbow Six Siege before the next content release can do so this weekend from February 2-5 during a free play weekend.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Jackal

While the finer details have yet to be unveiled, Ubisoft has teased the community with a few recent videos. The new map, known as Coastline, is set on the shores of the Spanish town of Ibiza, where two members of the Spanish elite unit, Grupo Especial de Operaciones (G.E.O.), have been called upon to safeguard the perimeter of a popular nightclub. One of the operators, Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar also known as Jackal, has seemingly taken a page out of Sam Fisher’s playbook by using a special set of sonar goggles enabling him to see recent footprints of enemy soldiers. At this time, no information has been given regarding the second operator.

With a week before the launch of Operation Velvet Shell, fans should expect to be hearing more information on the two new operators later this week during the Six International event. Ubisoft is planning to debut the first ever live demo of the new Spanish CTU. Curious fans will want to tune in on Sunday, February 5 at 1:15pm EST to the official Rainbow 6 Twitch channel for their first look.

That is, unless the information leaks out before hand, which has unfortunately happened multiple times during the first year of content. Operation Black Ice, the first expansion which added Canadian JTF operators, had its details accidentally released early by the Ubisoft Mexico office through promotional materials. The second major leak arrived at the back end of season one before the release of Operation Red Crow when leaked video footage showed off parts of the map that would later be known as Skyscraper along with the new defensive operator Echo.

Are you excited about another year of content? What are you hoping to see from the second Spanish operator? Sound off in the comments below.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Operation Velvet Shell is available on February 7, 2017.