Ubisoft releases the official notes for the February 21 Rainbow Six Siege patch, which comes only weeks after the Velvet Shell content update was introduced.

Earlier this month, the second year of Rainbow Six Siege content kicked off with Velvet Shell, the Spanish-based update which introduced both a bold counter-roaming attacker and a defender who immediately changed up defensive tactics as a whole. In the weeks since, Ubisoft has evidently been hard at work ensuring content both new and old performs at its best, even if February has been a particularly rough month for the company’s servers. Today, Ubisoft released the notes for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege patch that is due to launch tomorrow.

Community Manager Craig Robinson posted the patch notes to the official forums, adding the occasional bits of flavor text which fans have come to expect from him. Robinson confirmed that the patch will go live across all platforms this February 21, and encompasses a wide range of fixes which can be seen below.

As it turns out, tomorrow’s update won’t be the one delivering loot crates to active operators, so gamers will likely leave their fingers crossed that May’s mid-season Hong Kong update introduces the new reward system, which aims to encourage players to refrain from abandoning matches while their team is losing. For full patch notes head to page 2!

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It goes without saying that the future is looking bright for Rainbow Six Siege, especially with Ubisoft reportedly aiming to bring a total of 50-100 operators to the tactical shooter. The official release date for the next new content update hasn’t been confirmed yet, though Ubisoft has already given away what countries will be featured in the second year of content. The rest of 2017 will contain several patches just like tomorrow’s, which will be sprinkled in between the larger updates that introduce new operators and maps.

Some of the more high profile bugs will seemingly persist beyond this update, such as Hibana’s X-KAIROS shells not triggering an explosion, or the infamous blue screen of death glitch that has intermittently plagued select gamers since the game’s launch in late 2015. While Ubisoft still lists its Ranked gameplay as being in beta, that’s little defense for a game that has been out as a fully released multiplayer-centric title for some time – though one can’t deny that each major update has helped the game become so much more than it was back on launch day.

What do you think about the first post-Velvet Shell patch, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Head to Page 2 for Full Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes!

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