Multinational publisher and developer Ubisoft teases the next update coming to the FPS game Rainbow Six Siege, one that includes an additional map and two new characters.

Ubisoft and its popular Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series are no strangers to slyly teasing its players with updates. Take, for instance, the cryptic image Ubisoft tweeted to hint at the Rainbow Six Siege Japanese “Red Crow” DLC a few months ago. Now, the publisher and developer of Rainbow Six Siege has teased the next free update coming to the popular game.

Entitled “Velvet Shell,” this is not only the newest update to Rainbow Six Siege, but also the first major update included in the game’s second season of content. Included in “Velvet Shell,” an update officially classified in the game as an “Operation,” is a brand-new map and two operators from a new region: Spain. Players had previously seen operators from Japan in the “Red Crow” update, from Brazil in the “Skull Rain” update, and from Canada in the “Black Ice” DLC.

The in-game map will be available to all Rainbow Six Siege players. Those looking to pick up the Spanish operators will need to either need to purchase a Year Two season pass, which will make both characters free, or unlock them through micro-transactions in the game. Players without a season pass can gain access to the new operators either using in-game or real-world currency.

Along with this tease, Ubisoft has also announced it will be streaming a demo of the “Velvet Shell” update during the Six Invitational event. This PC and Xbox One event begins on February 3, and gamers can plan on seeing the Rainbow Six Siege update demo on February 5 at 10am EST.

rainbow six siege velvet shell

While no additional details were given with this tease, gamers may be able to piece together what’s to be expected of the “Velvet Shell” update. Players can reference the mid-season Rainbow Six Siege patch that brought balance to a Spetsnaz operator and included shield adjustments to possibly anticipate some of the same content in “Velvet Shell.”

Additionally, not only does the news of the “Velvet Shell” update fall into the same teasing pattern Ubisoft has implemented in the past, it also contains the same type of additional content seen in past updates. A few months ago, the Brazil-based update “Operation Skull Rain” included one new map and two new operators, with some publicly-desired updates tucked inside. Since “Velvet Shell” is already slated to include a free-to-play map and two operators, it just might have some gameplay boosts as well.

Ubisoft has stated that 2017 will bring a new season of content — Rainbow Six Siege season 2 — which will include at least 8 DLC operators, 4 playable maps, and lots of patches scattered amongst the months. Gamers definitely have much to look forward to throughout the year on the Rainbow Six Siege front, and it seems the “Velvet Shell” update is just the start.

Rainbow Six Siege was released on December 31, 2015, and is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. No official release date for the “Velvet Shell” update has been announced.