Ubisoft Has Plans To Punish Team Killers in Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft announces a plan to handle trolls who are only out to purposely kill their teammates in Rainbow Six Siege after answering a fan question over Twitter.

With the beta for Rainbow Six Siege coming to an end and the retail product set to launch tomorrow, some fans have expressed concern over the practice of team killing by certain players who only wish to troll their teammates. In a response to a fan over Twitter, the official Rainbow Six twitter account revealed that Ubisoft does have a plan to counter this behavior in-game, though specific details were not given.

During the beta that took place this past weekend, many users reported being killed by teammates, either by accident but mostly as a form of trolling. Rainbow Six Siege is being positioned as a team-based tactical shooter, where many modes have respawning disabled by default, so being taken out by a teammate undoubtedly sours the experience. Currently, the game does have an immediate solution where a player can vote to kick another player from the pause screen, but thankfully, this does appear to be an issue that Ubisoft is monitoring and taking very seriously.


Other titles that carry a strong online presence have the ability to kick certain players from a match or ban players temporarily or permanently (depending on the infraction). With Rainbow Six Siege set to launch tomorrow, it wouldn't be surprising to hear Ubisoft lay out its plans on how to deal with these players.

Despite a few connectivity issues present at the start of the latest beta last week, Ubisoft has assured fans the final product will not have the same issues as the problem had been isolated. Fans will have to restart their progress, however, as Ubisoft also confirmed that any progress made from the most recent beta would not carry over to the full product once it launches tomorrow.

Reviews have started to hit for Rainbow Six Siege and many outlets are opting to wait to post scores until the servers are live, similar to what other online games have experienced at launch lately. Fan concerns over this game continue to revolve around the lack of a strong single player component and the added microtransactions, which will allow players to unlock operators faster than someone who opts to simply earn in-game currency. With the majority of the AAA titles now out in the wild and Black Friday over, it'll be interesting to see how fans take to this multiplayer only title.

Has trolling during the Rainbow Six Siege soured your fun during the beta? How would you handle repeat team killer offenders in a game like this? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Rainbow Six Siege launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1.

Source: Twitter

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