Rainbow Six Siege Patch Has Harsher Team Killing Punishments


Team killing trolls in Rainbow Six Siege will want to think twice about their actions after Ubisoft patches in harsher punishments for being a bad sport later this week.

For many years, one of the most time-honored traditions of video game trolls has been to figure out ways to intentionally harm your own teammates. Whether it's someone letting the other side farm them in League of Legends because they didn't agree with the team strategy or that one guy in The Division who repeatedly kicked his teammates out of the squad right before they received their loot, some gamers just like to watch the world burn.

But savvy developers are figuring out ways to fight back against players who don't want to be team players and the latest evidence comes from Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege. The game is set to receive a patch later this week that will increase punishments for team-killing and how they're given out.

Gamespot's report has the rundown. For a first offense, Rainbow Six Siege players will be kicked from a match in Casual but will also earn a 15-minute ban and a 50 percent renown penalty for 30 minutes in Ranked. Starting with the second offense, trolls will be banned for 30 minutes from matchmaking and this period will grow longer if the gamer continues to kill more team members.

Ubisoft states that once a gamer starts getting suspended for long periods of time, each duration will be handled on a case by case basis depending on the "severity of the behavior." Ubisoft added that a permanent ban is possible if someone continuously causes trouble for their own team.

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The patch will also feature various bug fixes and other adjustments including the ability to access the Casual menu while banned, a fix for players' weapons disappearing if the pickup animation is canceled and some Operator balancing that will give Pulse better visibility and more reliable information.

To be clear, this change does not affect Ubisoft's much stricter policy when it comes to cheating. Rainbow Six Siege has begun to issue permanent bans to cheaters after just one offense. If that sounds familiar, it's a policy that is similar to one that Blizzard has enacted for Overwatch. In fact, Blizzard has banned at least 1500 accounts so far for a game that is only a few months old.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, the game released its second of four DLC packs back in May. "Operation Dust Line" is available at no charge for those who hold the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass. Rainbow Six Siege was one of Game Rant's Top 10 Games of 2015 thanks to its "intense gameplay, interesting maps and superb graphics."

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Patch 3.4 releases July 13.

Source: Gamespot

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