Ubisoft May Make Strategic Changes to Rainbow Six Siege

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While Ubisoft is poised to continue its scheduled deployment of Season Two content for Rainbow Six Siege with a new operator duo later this month, two game directors have revealed that some behind-the-scenes research may lead to changes in the game's strategy as a whole. As it currently stands, defensive operators in the game can appear outside for 2 seconds before their position gets revealed to the opposing side, but Ubisoft is considering removing this timer to immediately flag defenders who step outside.

The news would have far-reaching implications for defensive strategies in Rainbow Six Siege, as many of the maps feature certain areas where defenders can break out of one window and quickly run to a section of the map that the attacking squad typically doesn't expect a defensive operator to barge in from. It's a high risk maneuver, but the rewards can truly change the outcome of a match.


"We’d like to see some changes to the timer for defenders leaving the building, mainly because of defenders that run outside to spawn kill at the start of the round. It’s tough, this one. Maybe we should go see the research lab and ask them about exactly that. If there are any sort of learnings we can get. Because these are purely opinions on pros and cons. But when I say, 'Yeah, it’s super cool because certain defenders roam and change the state of the match by roaming outside, taking a high risk and it’s a high reward.' At some point at some times, it happens to be, like, 'Guys, come on!' Especially at the point where it’s almost spawn killing."

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For now, however, the subject of outdoor timers in Rainbow Six Siege remains purely speculative, as both directors simply confirmed it was a topic of discussion among the developers. In the meantime, gamers should expect to hear news about two new Hong Kong operators in the next few weeks, with that content being slated to drop later this month.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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