Ubisoft announces the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for PC players, which provides an inexpensive way for new players to get into the game along with one major difference.

After overcoming a few technical issues at launch, Rainbow Six Siege has continued to grow, releasing a couple expansions, numerous updates and fixes, and is planning even more for fans with additional maps and operators still to come. Considering the game is an online-focused experience, a healthy community and player base is a major aspect for the game. In an effort to add more players to the online ranks, Ubisoft has announced the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition, featuring an inexpensive way for new players to jump into the game.

For a full two-week period, players can purchase this special $15 copy of the game, which offers the complete full experience that the normal retail version offers, including all released maps, downloadable content, and updates. The Starter Edition also does away with any level caps or potential restrictions, letting users play the full experience as much as they want. While much of the game is exactly the same as the full-priced experience, there is one crucial difference however.

Starter Edition users can gain access to four operators right off the bat. Two operators are randomly unlocked from the following six characters: Smoke, Fuze, Rook, Sledge, Ash, and Mute. These six have been described as the most intuitive characters for new players. Players can then unlock two original characters, or one of the downloadable operative characters by spending the bundled 600 R6 Credits. The rest of the roster, however, will need to be unlocked a little differently.

rainbow six siege starter edition info

Unlike the standard version of the game, operators no longer cost between 500-2,000 renown. A new character can to be unlocked after the player has earned 12,500 renown, a substantially higher sum than what is required in the standard edition. Those unwilling to grind for renown in game can instead opt to purchase a $35 R6 Credits bundle to unlock the rest of the roster along with the season pass, which is compatible with this version as well.

The deal runs from June 2nd to June 19, so interested parties will need to visit digital distribution services like Uplay or Steam in order to grab a copy. Unfortunately for console fans, this deal appears to be a PC exclusive deal, and as of now, Ubisoft doesn’t appear to be budging from that stance.

The past few weeks have brought a number of updates and changes to the experience including a new expansion known as Operation Dust Line which introduced two new operators and a new Middle Eastern inspired map. For many season pass holders however, the most interesting change to the game is the fact that players can now personalize each operator through a variety of new custom headgear options and charms.

What do you think of the unlock method for the starter edition? Do you think this idea will help drive more sales of the game? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Starter Edition is available now until June 19 on the PC.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege Website