Rainbow Six Siege Adds Single Player ‘Situations Mode’

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While Rainbow Six Siege has firmly marketed itself as a multiplayer focused game, Ubisoft recently revealed that solo players will find a home as well. A traditional campaign isn’t on the table, but numerous missions will be available as Situations. At launch, eleven missions will be available, each designed around a different operator, allowing the player to not only get familiar with how to use the character specific abilities, but to also gain experience performing some necessary gameplay mechanics.

Interestingly enough, fans were given a quick glimpse at this mode at E3 2015, even though Ubisoft never specifically revealed it during their press conference. Situations features Angela Bassett as the leader of the Rainbow Anti-Terror Group, and she’ll be providing an introduction to the task at hand. Players will be going up against an enemy group called The White Masks, who are also the primary antagonists for the TerroHunt modes as well.

So far, only five of the eleven missions have been revealed for Rainbow Six Siege, requiring players eliminate enemies, disarm explosives, or rescue hostages. The missions are kept on the shorter side so players can jump into the more robust TerroHunt and Multiplayer modes quickly.

Rainbow Six Siege White Masks

While Situations doesn’t seem to be a replacement for a traditional story campaign like in previous titles, this new mode at least gives lone wolf players a place to go. Prior to this announcement, news broke that Rainbow Six Siege wouldn’t have a dedicated single player campaign, instead relying solely on multiplayer and co-op modes. Still, Rainbow Six Siege appears to return the series back to its roots, rather than explore the storytelling qualities in Rainbow Six Vegas and only hinted at in the canceled Rainbow 6: Patriots.

With so much focus on the multiplayer and the co-op based TerroHunt modes, it’s clear that Ubisoft does not intend Rainbow Six Siege to be played solo. With its release date now in December, it’ll be interesting to see how well this multiplayer title does, especially considering that it is now releasing after much of its competition.

What do you guys make of the news? Does this change your mind at all about the game or are you still disappointed that there won’t be a campaign?

Rainbow Six Siege arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1, 2015.

Source: IGN