Ubisoft China Reveals The Nations Of All Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Operators

Ubisoft China spills the beans on the upcoming second season of Rainbow Six Siege, revealing the nations of all 8 operators from a post on Weibo.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has officially confirmed the 8 aforementioned operators, with one notable difference: Israel won't be featured, with Poland announced instead.

For the second time within a year, an international office of Ubisoft has spilled the beans early about some sensitive Rainbow Six Siege information. Earlier today, the studio released the Year 2 Season Pass, which will guarantee gamers early access to 8 new operators, plenty of cosmetic items, and the same Renown bonuses which applied to the first season. Ubisoft kept the countries of these new operators a secret, leading many to speculate a roadmap similar to the Rainbow Six Siege Year 1 plan would be released at a later date.

However, Ubisoft China evidently got a little too antsy: the international affiliate made a post on Weibo, a popular social media network in the East, which revealed the countries of these 8 new operators. Those countries are none other than Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, and South Korea.

Interested gamers can take a look at the original post from Ubisoft China below, provided that they understand simplified Chinese:

Rainbow Six Siege Season Two Operators

While the actual units which will represent these nations haven't been revealed, it wouldn't come as a surprise if Spain is covered by GEO (the Grupo Especial de Operaciones) and Hong Kong is represented by the Special Duties Unit. The inclusion of Israel (and subsequent exclusion of Palestine) is sure to ignite some controversy among fans, but one can't deny the country has produced some legendary counter-terror units. South Korea can stand up with the best of them with the 707th, too. Many Siege fans expected Poland's GROM to make an appearance in the second season, but this appears not to be the case.

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has remained silent on the operator's respective countries, and it appears that the Weibo post has since been removed. However, as previously mentioned, this isn't the first time information about Rainbow Six Siege found its way out ahead of schedule. Ubisoft Japan released an image of the Japanese operator Echo so far ahead of schedule that the Operation Dust Line DLC scheduled to release four months ahead of Echo hadn't even been revealed yet. There's no doubt that its been an exciting day for Rainbow Six Siege fans, though ultimately it'll be quite some time before the Year 2 DLC becomes a reality.

Those who sign up for the second season will receive each nation's operator duo as they release, along with a few other bonuses like cosmetic headgear, battle dress uniforms, and the usual Renown boosts and store discounts. Anyone who signs up before February 7, 2017 will also get a free universal obsidian weapon skin, and Year 1 season pass holders will also get an additional 600 R6 credits if they buy into the second season.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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