In a new teaser trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft reveals Mira, the second Spanish operator arriving next week in the new content update called Operation Velvet Shell.

After the surprising announcement late last year with another season of downloadable content for the popular competitive shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has been teasing fans with glimpses at the brand new content coming in Operation Velvet Shell. As preparations are being finalized for a full reveal of the new content at the International Six event this coming weekend, information is slowly being revealed around the Spanish operators coming to the game. Today, Ubisoft gave fans a glimpse at the new operator known as Mira.

In a new and very brief teaser trailer, fans can get their first look at the new Rainbow Six Siege operator who joins her sonar-wearing teammate Jackal in the upcoming expansion pack.  The very short gameplay clip shows Mira holding a large tool that can be placed in a reinforced wall, expanded, and then explode out a large chunk. The trick here is that her gadget appears to insert a piece of glass into the freshly made hole, with what many are speculating to be one-way looking glass. Mira also gives a bit of insight into her gadget’s usage by using the catch phrase, “Let me see your pretty faces.”

Interestingly enough, the functionality of her gadget has since divided the fan base as to what role she will fill. Creating a viewing hole while on defense doesn’t seem like a wise idea, though if it is one way glass, it could provide valuable insight as to where the enemy players may be. Having a sight advantage into certain rooms while attacking could also be a big benefit for locating objectives or finding well hidden players. Not only that, Jackal’s sonar ability could also be justified for the attacking side or perhaps a defender who enjoys roaming as well.

Detail-oriented folks may have already picked up a bit of information on Mira, thanks to patch notes for the Mid-Season reinforcements patch. While not explicitly confirmed to be part of the Spanish G.E.O. unit in the notes, the updated turret shield Tachanka now uses was engineered by a character named Elena “Mira” Alvarez Del Manzan, with an artist’s drawing attached for good measure. Based on the footage and added details from Ubisoft, fans now know that it is indeed the same individual.

Operation Velvet Shell is scheduled for a full reveal on Sunday, February 5, followed by its release a couple days later on February 7. In addition to both Jackal and Mira, Operation Velvet Shell adds in a new map called Coastline that centers on a popular nightclub in the town of Ibiza. As with past expansions, players should also expect to see various improvements and bug fixes as well, though Ubisoft has yet to fully reveal the content in this first content update of year 2.

What do you think of Mira? Is she a worthy addition to the roster or were you hoping for a different type of gadget? Sound off below in the comments.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.