A potential leak of the first two sets of Rainbow Six Siege operators by Ubisoft Mexico gives fans an early look the Canadian and US operators, as well as a new map.

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for over a month now, and despite continuous server problems, gamers have been enjoying the tactical and team-based gameplay that Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy product has delivered. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have created a fairly robust plan to support the game post-launch, and intend to release a total of eight new operators throughout the year, in tandem with a few free maps. This week, the fist two batches of DLC content may have been leaked via a YouTube promotional video.

The leaked image of all four operators came from a promotional Ubisoft Mexico video that has since been made private, and the above image certainly matches up with the Operation Black Ice promotional teaser that was released weeks ago. If this leak is authentic, it means the next two batches of DLC – based on Canada and the United States – will have been revealed far earlier than most would have expected. Without further ado, let’s delve into the details:

The Canadian male operator bears two flags on his uniform. One is obviously the flag of Canada, and the other is the flag of Quebec. Based on the image leak, it looks like his weapon will have an underslung shotgun – though these character images are sometimes misleading, as Siege still shows Thatcher with a shotgun, even though it wasn’t in his loadout by the time the game came out. The female Canadian operator certainly looks aboriginal, which would be a great nod to Canadian heritage. Unlike the other leaked operators, the icon for her was also leaked, and the below image has led to many guessing she is a defender who can utilize some kind of bear trap:

Rainbow Six Siege Canadian Operator

Others have suggested that her trap will be the same one that IQ steps on in her intro video, which would make more practical sense: breachers often watch for laser tripwires and blinking C4 packs, so placing down a pressure-sensitive mat would be a great way to catch attackers unaware. As awesome as a bear trap is, we’re not quite sure how the developers could make that work.

Two US operators were also leaked in the promotional footage, and it goes without saying that the female US operator looks far different than any other previous person in the game. She’s wearing a sleeveless uniform and looks admittingly sweaty, which some have taken as a hint that her backstory will place her as an operator with ties to the Middle East. The male is rocking a serious beard, but based on his shadowy low-resolution image, fans of the game haven’t identified much else about him.

Rainbow Six Siege Boat Map

Ubisoft Mexico also reportedly showed a quick glimpse of a new map, and it looks like it is likely the one attached to the Canadian Operator DLC, given that it’s a frozen yacht that has run aground into a snowy climate. The maps from the core Rainbow Six Siege game have all been based on operator’s locales, so we think its a safe guess that if the leak is legitimate, this would be Canada’s representation moreso than the United States.

The Canadian Operator DLC was originally slated for an early January release, which may explain why Ubisoft Mexico accidentally put out the video this week. The Canadian DLC is now set to release on February 2nd, where season’s pass holders will have exclusive access to the operators for a week. The US Operators are slated to breach into the game sometime in April.

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What do you think about the potential new operators, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.