Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Skull Rain

Ubisoft reveals details about Operation Skull Rain, the upcoming Brazil-based expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege that adds two new operators and a new map.

August is almost here, and that means it was due time for Ubisoft to reveal the next round of content for Rainbow Six Siege. While the studio is striking down the ban hammer on cheaters with its left hand, the right had been furiously working on the expected Brazilian operator content pack. Rainbow Six Siege has enjoyed the addition of both Canadian and US operators, making Operation Skull Rain the first official expansion hailing from another continent.

As is standard for the Rainbow Six Siege season content, the latest expansion brings two new operators and a new map into the fold, along with a few by-popular-demand gameplay updates. As previously mentioned, the Operation Skull Rain expansion brings in operators from Brazil who hail from the Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (or BOPE for short), with one operator playing an attacking role and one being purely defensive.

The defensive operator is named Caveira, and she possesses a unique silent step ability that allows her to easily sneak up on unaware attackers. She can then immobilize and interrogate them (quickly, we hope), forcing the would-be attacker to rat out the locations of their squadmates. Having your squad get revealed can be a heavy blow in a game which relies heavily on stealth-based tactics, and we're certain Caveira's special ability will be a major game changer in many tense matches - so long as she lives long enough to use it. She'll use an M12 and SPAS-15 as primary weapons, which makes her ideal at close range. Aside of her PRB92 secondary firearm, she'll be able to use either a nitro cell or barbed wire in defensive operations.

Not to be outdone, BOPE offensive operator Capitão boasts a tactical crossbow which fires asphyxiating bolts which burn the oxygen out of a small location, along with micro smoke grenades which can mask the movements of his team. He'll be using the M-249 and PARA-308 as his primary weapons, a PRB92 as his secondary weapon, and either a frag or stun grenade to complete his grenadier-like inventory.

As one might have expected from a Brazilian-centric expansion, the new map will be centered around a favela. Ubisoft has touted this new map as the most destructible environment to date, though no images from the new map have been released yet.

The expansion also brings with it the inclusion of an angled grip attachment accessory, which will allow players to switch from hip firing to aimed sights in faster succession. Ranked matches can now also be surrendered early if the majority of a team votes to do so, allowing for players to tap out should they find themselves absolutely outmatched. Finally, the much-requested Tactical Realism Mode is making its way to Siege. It's a gamemode that does away with kill confirmations, enemy marking, and a minimal HUD to give gamers a more authentic experience.

Ubisoft has confirmed that more details about Operation Skull Rain will be revealed during the Season Two Xbox Pro League Finals this July 30th. After this expansion is released, gamers can look forward to the arrival of Japanese operators this holiday season, so long as it isn't subject to delays like the earlier two expansions.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Operation Skull Rain expansion becomes available on August 2, at which point the two new operators will be exclusive to season pass holders for 7 days.

Source: Ubisoft

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