Ubisoft Reveals Japanese Rainbow Six Siege Operator Echo

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Red Crow Echo

Ubisoft reveals the first Japanese Operator for the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Red Crow DLC, a defender named Echo who controls a flying drone.

Ubisoft has had some trouble keeping leaks from popping up in regards to the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season content, which will include two new Japanese operators and a highly vertical Skyscraper map as part of Operation Red Crow. Rainbow Six Siege fans already know that the Japanese operator DLC is due to get a full reveal during the Pro League finals next week, but today the studio has revealed more about the Japanese defender a little ahead of schedule.

Named Echo, the Japanese operator was influenced by his country's impact on modern technology. The S.A.T. operator will boast an arsenal comprising of the SuperNova and the MP5SD4 as primary weapons, along with the PM9 and P229 as secondary sidearms. It looks like Echo is yet another close combat specialist for the defending roster, which has seen a surplass of shotgun-capable squadmates in the additional season content.

Gamers can take their first official look at Echo in the video below:


As the short teaser shows, Echo will utilize a flying drone that seems to have a nightvision filter attached to the camera. It's more than likely that squadmates will be able to remote into the drone's visual feed (not unlike Operation Dust Line's Valkyrie), and if the previous speculation is true the drone also doubles as a motion detector trap, emitting a loud beep when members of the opposing squad move in front of it. If this is true, the name Echo makes a lot of sense.

So far, Ubisoft has remained mum on who the Japanese Attacker will be, although a mysterious Reddit post which accurately predicted both Echo and the Operation's Skyscraper map stated that the attacker would have an impact grenade which can blow small holes through reinforcd walls, giving attacking squads a nice Thermite alternative.

Echo may not look like the man in the original teaser image from months ago, but we're sure defenders won't be complaining about another opportunity to get an early visual on their opponents. Rainbow Six Siege has been doing quite well with player numbers in recent months, so it'll be interesting to see if operators like this Suginami City native help keep the active user count afloat as the first season winds down.

Ubisoft has already released a video detailing the Skyscraper map, so it's not unlikely that another video teasing the attacking operator could surface before the duo is fully revealed early next week. Operation Red Crow is the last portion of the planned season one content, though many fans are hopeful a second season will be announced after this one concludes.

What do you think of Echo, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Ubisoft

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