Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege prepares for the the May 11 launch of its second DLC expansion known as “Operation Dust Line” with an all new hype trailer.

Still finding success in a┬ásea of online mutliplayer releases, players continue to hearken back to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for its unique take on tactical gameplay and asymmetric competition. Launching with 20 Operators for players to choose from and 11 maps on which to stage small-scale warfare, and buoyed by the Operation Black Ice expansion in February, players have had plenty of content to comb through. Yet who would say no to more? Operation Dust Line, Rainbow Six Siege‘s second expansion, is scheduled for a May 11 release.

Operation Dust Line will be the second of four total DLC expansions to be released as part of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Season Pass. Each expansion includes two additional Operators, a brand new map, as well as a variety of cosmetics, and occasionally feature additions or new game modes. Dust Line is no different, adding both Blackbeard and Valkyrie to the Operator roster, the new Border map, charm and headgear customizations, and the ability to swap loadouts between rounds.

Each of Operation Dust Line’s content additions can be seen in the all new trailer which Ubisoft released earlier today. That includes the Operator Blackbeard’s glorious black beard, Valkyrie’s unique peeping Tom (Clancy) cameras, the new line of adorable chibi Operator charms — and a unicorn charm too — and headgear that’s looking more and more like Payday 2 DLC with every expansion launch. Oh, and don’t forget the dust. The expansion isn’t named the Dust Line for anything. The Border map is a dust pit.

For those unwilling to buy into a Season Pass, not all of the Dust Line content will be exclusive to those paying a premium. The Border map will be unlocked for all players, preventing the community from fracturing into different map playlists. The loadout changes, specifically being able to swap them between rounds, is also unlocked for all players. No need to worry about competitive disadvantages from that. The Operators and customizations are still premium, unfortunately.

After Operation Dust Line, Rainbow Six Siege still has two DLC expansions left to be released. At Ubisoft’s current rate, they should be released across the next 4 to 6 months. Don’t put too much faith in Ubisoft doing a second Season Pass after the first. Ubisoft Montreal, the studio behind Rainbow Six Siege, is already working on another project: For Honor. There’s certainly plenty of developers at Ubisoft to keep the lights on if they wanted, but their priorities are probably already shifting elsewhere. Like maybe a Rainbow Six Siege 2?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Operation Dust Line, Rainbow Six Siege‘s second expansion DLC, will be available on all platforms starting on May 11.

Source: Ubisoft US — YouTube