The 2018 Six Invitational has been well underway for several days, and Rainbow Six Siege veterans know that means new season and operator details have been due to drop. The studio has plenty of new reveals on the docket for today: map buffs, outbreak details, and the winner of the Six Invitational itself. Prior to this, however, Ubisoft has finally given the run down on the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operators Finka and Lion.

Friday’s operator teaser video gave gamers their first real glimpse both new operators, revealing their weapon loadouts and hinting at what their special abilities might do. Now, Ubisoft has pulled back the full curtain on both attacking operators, finally detailing the brand new characters and showcasing how their abilities can immediately impact the entire map as a whole. Finka’s nanobot deployment can immediately change the course of an entire round, whilst Lion’s aerial drone can impede movement of the defending squad multiple times.

Interested gamers can take a look at both the video guide and a further description of both operators below:

Spetznatz operator Finka is a 2 speed, 2 armor operator who comes equipped with some existing weaponry and a brand new assault rifle. Prior to each round, Finka can give all of her friendly operators a shot of nanobots that she can activate twice per round. Once activated, the nanobots become active for each of her remaining squadmates for 20 seconds and put into effect the following buffs:

  • Less Weapon Recoil
  • ADS Speed Buff
  • +20 HP Boost
  • Instant Revive if Squadmate is downed
  • Resistance and faster recovery from Ela concussive mines, flashbangs, and barbed wire slowdown

It’s worth noting that there are also some negative effects that come from the nanabot boost: an increased heartrate means a defensive team’s Pulse will be able to detect nanobot-impacted operators from further way, and faster respiratory action means that those currently feeling the nanabot boost will die much faster if they breath in Smoke’s defensive chemicals. Echo’s Yokai drone and Lesion’s poison pellet will undo the positive effects of the nanabot boost, which brings a blue Doc-like healing visual when in use.

rainbow six siege operation chimera

The second operator, Lion, hails from GIGN. He’s also a 2 speed, 2 armor operator yielding a hefty drum magazine Vector, a 417DMR, and a shotgun. Lion brings with him an invulnerable aerial drone that hovers around each map. Fans have been predicting an aerial drone for years, though Lion’s works in a manner few had expected the scope of. His aerial drone ability immediately reveals a real-time outline of any enemy moving operators for 3 seconds. This power can be used up to 3 times per round.

Defensive operators can negate the detective capabilities of Lion’s aerial drone by not moving their feet. This means operators can look in different directions, rotate, and cycle between standing, crouched, and prone, so long as they don’t move. The defensive team will also get a visual warning when the aerial drone is about to scan, so that operators have time to stop moving and avoid detection. There will also be some meta-game counter opportunities, where defensive operators can potentially bait out attackers by being detected on purpose while stationary defenders await undetected.

Ubisoft will also be detailing more information about Operation Chimera┬álater today, the upcoming event which will have players squadding up in co-operative groups of 3 against zombie-like opponents. In conjunction with the significant map updates and the continual balance changes, it’s clear that Rainbow Six Siege fans have plenty to look forward to – though it’s unclear if the next operator release will feature two defensive operators to keep the rosters in balance.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.