After two successful years of post-launch content, Rainbow Six Siege continues to defy expectations as its fan base and popularity continues to grow. To keep that momentum rolling, Ubisoft is preparing content for Year 3, bringing even more maps and operators to the game. Thanks to a recent blog post from Ubisoft, Operation Chimaera is a little less mysterious ahead of its expected March 6 release date, as the developer provided a few additional nuggets of information.

In a first for the multiplayer-oriented shooter, Rainbow Six Siege is getting a co-op event called Outbreak. Taking place in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, three players work together to fight and neutralize an epidemic that has broken out. Though Ubisoft hasn’t revealed the type of enemies players will be facing off against or if this is a wave defense-style mode, the company did confirm that Outbreak will only be around for a limited time and offer new gameplay mechanics as well.

Rainbow Six Siege Zombie Mode

Since its reveal last year, the biggest mystery surrounding Operation Chimera was with the two new operators involved with the new Outbreak mode. With this update, players now know the first operator is French and utilizes a drone to maintain quarantine perimeters. The second operator hails from Russia, though they seem to have emigrated there to pursue their studies. Interestingly enough, this Russian operator has access to self-dissolving nanobots for a range of applications. Unfortunately, that’s all the information Ubisoft was willing to part with prior to its reveal on February 13 at the Six Invitational.

For all of the good PR and successes the game has seen since its rocky launch, Ubisoft made its first misstep this month when it announced plans to add a second set of loot for its upcoming Outbreak cosmetic collection, and a price increase for the standard, Gold, and Complete Collection versions. Naturally, fans were frustrated and confused by the sudden news and version shake-up for a game that’s heading towards its third birthday. The backlash became so loud that Ubisoft quickly backtracked and announced plans to leave the standard edition price alone, though the Gold and Complete versions would be going ahead with the planned increase on February 13, 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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