Ubisoft is poised to do a fully-fledged reveal of Operation Blood Orchid for Rainbow Six Siege during the Pro League Finals on August 26, but that doesn’t mean the studio is remaining completely mum on the upcoming Year 2 content. Today, Ubisoft has given fans their first in-depth look at Operation Blood Orchid’s Theme Park map, which plays host to a variety of amusement park tropes in various states of disrepair. Since the operators from Operation Blood Orchid have already been leaked, today’s video gives a great look at what else Rainbow Six Siege fans should expect at the end of the month.

As the video below shows, the Theme Park map certainly gives off a rather Five Nights At Freddy’s impression, with pulsing lights and dimly lit corridors casting heavy shadows over some admittedly creepy theme park attractions. The dark corners will likely make this map a favorite choice for Cavara fans, and it’s only fitting that the Hong Kong attacking operator Ying be given charges of flash bangs to compliment the strong focus on lighting in this map.

In any event, the theme park looks like quite a unique addition to the Siege map library. Fans have been reacting to the below video in a very positive manner.

Aforementioned attacking operator Ying and new defensive operator Lesion are the Hong Kong operators arriving alongside the theme park map, and they both rely on surprise to really hammer home their special abilities. While Ying favors Fuze-like flashbang charges, Lesion is able to place toxic mines along surfaces. When triggered, they hurt the attackers with poison while simultaneously slowing down their movement, making the attackers easier to pick off.

Fans have been stuck waiting a few extra months for Operation Blood Orchid to release, as Ubisoft delayed the new content in order to improve the overall state of the game. A few months of extra work labelled Operation Health has paved way to faster servers, better connection times, a slew of bug fixes, and the long-awaited arrival of a loot system – though some persistent issues have remained through the entire operation.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Leak

Due to the scheduling changes from these fixes, the first Polish GROM operator will also arrive with Operation Blood Orchid. Similarly to Ying’s optical-impairment strategy, she plants concussive mines which drastically impede an attacker’s vision and hearing when triggered. The attacking Polish operator and his respective release date have yet to be revealed, but Ubisoft has confirmed Poland will no longer get a map due to time constraints.

The last map release for Rainbow Six Siege occurred on February 7 with Coastline, making it more than 6 months since players have received new Season 2 content – quite a far cry from the initial Year 2 road map Ubisoft had touted 9 months ago.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Operation Blood Orchid will release on August 29, 2017 for season pass holders, and September 5 for everyone else.

Source: Ubisoft – YouTube