'Rainbow Six Siege': Plane Preview

Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Plane Map

As many fans are well aware, the shroud of silence surrounding Rainbow Six Siege following its reveal has been bothersome for longtime followers of the series. Fortunately, that all changed after Ubisoft announced plans to release a closed alpha build of its beloved Tom Clancy franchise. The alpha is certainly something for fans to look forward to, that much is to be sure, and now Ubi has revealed a second map that’ll be playable during the trial run – Plane.

I was fortunate enough to go hands-on with Rainbow Six Siege and the new map during a recent press visit to Ubisoft – walking away very intrigued by the layout as well as the tactical options that Plane offers users. With a slew of branching passageways, strategically placed vertical breach points, and multiple levels to explore, this map changes up the pace dramatically from the previously revealed level, House, that was showcased at E3 2014.

As may have been glaringly obvious as a result of its name, Plane, this new map throws defenders and attackers into a giant commercial airliner. As one would expect from the premise of gunfights occurring within this environment, the combat is close-quarters but the core premise of destruction ensures that there are a myriad of routes that individuals can take to ensure that the hostage is either defended or liberated.

Rainbow Six Siege Plane

Since explodable entry points to different levels of the plane are marked with bolded plates, it does mean that fans won't be able to simply drop down onto unsuspecting foes whenever the urge strikes them. Instead, it's possible to blow chunks out of the elevated floors, expose the support structure of the plane itself and shoot down into a room full of vicious players. The upside to having the high ground is that those beneath are unable to shoot up through the floor, which ensures the constant movement is necessary when defending – although the defensive side can get tactical with potential ambush points as a result of these mechanics as well.

What's different about Plane compared to House, however, is the necessity of knowing the hostage's location prior to entry. Utilizing drones, fans can explore the innards of this faux feat of aviation before the round starts. Since the layout of the map is expectedly long, sweeping cautiously through Plane is not always the best option for those that want to find the hostage and ever-present defenders.

Overall, Plane adds some nice variety to Rainbow Six: Siege and is sure to become a favorite amongst those that manage to score access to the game's forthcoming closed alpha. Couple the zany layout with the way various group dynamics and Operator selections change the way players experience the title, it's immediately apparent that one of the most redeeming qualities of Plane is how each round will almost never play out the same way. That's the core appeal of Siege in a nutshell, and consumers the world over are sure to find that out first-hand when it arrives later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently slated to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

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