Rainbow Six Siege: The 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

There are quite a few different weapons in Rainbow Six Siege, and until you've played for a while, it's going to be pretty tough to tell which weapon is good and which needs to be left behind. The huge skill gap in Siege is partly the reason for this; no matter how good your weapon, when you're starting out players are just going to be winning gunfights against you because of their knowledge of the game. That also doesn't mean that weapons not on this list can't be perfectly effective, of course. But in a scenario where everything is even, weapons on this list are likely to win out against weapons that aren't.

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These weapons are not just ranked by their possible damage output, but also by their ease of use. It doesn't matter if a weapon has an incredible damage-per-second if it's nearly impossible to keep your shots on target. So without further ado, here are the 10 best weapons available in Rainbow Six Siege, not in any particular order.

10 F2

Starting this list off with a bang is Twitch's F2. Though this weapon has received a very recent nerf, knocking down the magazine size to 25 from 30, it's still an absolute monster and one of the very best weapons in the game.

For a long time, the debate around Twitch, and possibly the reason her drone has been nerfed so often, is not only because the drone was effective, but because she has incredible fragging potential with the F2. People who pick Twitch are getting an Operator that's good at just about everything, making her a pretty good pick no matter the objective site or the map.

9 R4C

Another weapon that's received a nerf (though this nerf is much less recent), the R4C is an incredible weapon, even without an ACOG sight. Ash's primary role as an entry fragger requires her to have a pretty stellar weapon, and the R4C more than fills that role.

It has a nice fire rate and very manageable recoil. Because Ash typically moves around the map with some serious speed, having a consistent weapon like the R4C you can run-and-gun with is perfect.

8 C7E

While Jackal may not necessarily be an Operator than anybody gets to play very often due to his current ban rate, if the stars aline and he's actually available to snag for a match, his C7E is a fantastic choice to bring along with him. A term that's going to get used a lot on this list, the C7E is just a consistent weapon with a good fire rate and easy-to-predict recoil.

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Many times Jackal is going to come upon enemies that are expecting his presence since he's been scanning their footsteps, so he needs to be able to win those 50/50 gunfights consistently; the C7E helps immensely in that regard.

7 M4

Maverick's M4 is, flat out, an absolute machine. Maverick's utility creates a lot of situations where you'll be in a gunfight with a very small angle to see through, so it's definitely necessary for him to have a weapon that stays pretty stable.

The M4 is not only great in that regard, but it also has a very good damage-per-bullet and rate of fire, exceeding the middle of the pack in both regards. While his utility may not be the best for every scenario, his weaponry makes him a great option for a fragger.


This weapon is absolutely nuts, and it's insane to think that this weapon used to be equipped with an ACOG, too. Jager's 416-C Carbine has a pretty solid damage-per-bullet and rate of fire, but where this weapon really comes into its own is the stability it has.

This weapon, for all intents and purposes, in the hands of any human who's ever played a first-person-shooter in their lives, has absolutely no recoil. Like, none. Whatsoever.  This thing is a laser and is one of the easiest weapons to grab those all-important headshots with.


The Vector is almost the anti-416-C Carbine when it comes to recoil, but because of it's damage-per-second and the situations in which Mira is typically going to be using it, it still makes this list. Most Mira's are going to be in situations where they're in a gunfight that is entirely skewed in her favor, whether it be because she lined up a shot with one of her Black Mirrors, or because she's holding a hard angle as an anchor.

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But in these kinds of situations, you want to be able to drop the enemy as quickly as possible, and the DPS combined with the fact that the Vector kicks almost entirely vertically rendering it a headshot machine, makes it a superb weapon to bring with Mira into battle.

4 AK-12

The AK-12 has long been, statistically, the best weapon in the game, and that's by a pretty decent margin, too. Likely the only the reason it hasn't been nerfed is because it's in the hands of an Operator that really just isn't that good. While Fuze can be a fun time and, on the right team or in the perfect situation, can be somewhat effective, overall he is definitely lacking.

But because he has an utterly sublime weapon in the AK-12, he can hold in own in gunfights, making up somewhat for the fact that he's 1-speed and has some mostly useless utility.

3 MP5

One of the few weapons on Defense with access to the ACOG, the MP5 isn't only useful because of the zoom; it's a very good weapon in its own right. While the argument can certainly be made for using the P90, especially if you plan on playing entirely in close-range, the MP5 beats it in all-around performance.

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The MP5 has some great stability and a very nice rate of fire, making it pretty easy to get headshots at any range, thanks in part to that ACOG.

2 9x19VSN

Another weapon that has absolutely ludicrous stability, the 9x19 VSN available on both the Lord himself: Tachanka, and Kapkan, is a great weapon capable of crazy amounts of destruction.

This weapon has a somewhat lackluster damage-per-second, but because of its ability to keep all shots on target, (and because the Spetsnaz have access to some really great open scopes), the 9x19 VSN is one of the easiest weapons to use.

1 ALDA 5.56

The only LMG on this list, the Alda 5.56 available with Maestro cements his place as one of, if not the absolute best, Anchor in the game. Maestro's invaluable gadget alone would cement him as one of the best Anchors, but combined with the Alda 5.56's great ammo capacity, it's ACOG sight, and the fact that it kicks almost exclusively vertically, Maestro has incredible value in almost any situation.

As long as you can keep the weapon down, the Alda 5.56 is going to win you a lot of engagements, and win your team a lot of rounds.

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