Ubisoft releases the first look at the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell content with a 30 second teaser of the brand new Coastline map.

Rainbow Six Siege is poised to get its first wave of additional Year 2 content this February, and Ubisoft isn’t shying away from hyping up the opening content. The studio had already revealed the roadmap for its Year 2 content, which confirmed that the first location for Year 2’s focus would be Spain. Last week, Rainbow Six Siege fans were treated to the knowledge that this Spanish content would be called Velvet Shell, but little has been revealed aside of that.

Today, Ubisoft hasn’t just broken the silence – it absolutely battered it in a way that Sledge himself would be proud. The studio has released a slick 30 second teaser for the Spanish map, which bears the fitting moniker of Coastline. The bright, sunny, and neon-heavy locale features a very split mix of ancient foundations superimposed with modern architecture, all apparently tied together by a coastline hotel called La Perla Blanca.

Operators can take a look at the brand new Coastline map in the teaser video below:

It’s worth noting that while La Perla Blanca is actually the name of a real life bed and breakfast in Spain, the Coastline map appears to be a purely fictional approach to such a location, as the real life iteration of La Perla Blanca isn’t situated on a coastline, and isn’t even in Ibiza. Ubisoft is evidently trying to drive home that the day and night versions of the map will have very different ambiances, with the hot shimmering sun making things look quite tropical in the day, and the neon-lights of Ibiza offering a very different look during the night.

Ubisoft will be streaming an early look at the Velvet Shell content during the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational, which takes place on February 5 at 10AM PST. Nothing is known about the two Spanish operators aside of that one seems to be named Elena “Mira” Alvarez Del Manzan, a female operator was briefly mentioned in the last updates patch notes and even featured in a doodle. Her name roughly translates to Scope, but it was also mentioned that she repaired items, prompting plenty of contradicting speculation as to her tactical role in the game.

Fans interested in getting exclusive week-long early access to each of the Year 2 operators as they release may want to consider the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass, which retails for $30. Aside of removing any in-game currency locks on the 8 new upcoming operators, Year 2 season pass holders will receive 8 new battle dress uniforms, 8 headgear options, bonus weekly challenges, and a 10% discount at the in-game shop. Those who purchased the Year 1 pass will also get 600 bonus R6 bucks, and anyone who buys into the Year 2 Season Pass before February 7, 2017 will also get an exclusive obsidian weapon skin. We expect Velvet Shell to launch shortly after this cut-off date.

The map, along with the two Spanish operators for Velvet Shell, will be available for free to anyone who owns Rainbow Six Siege when the content eventually releases this February.

What do you think about the Coastline map, Ranters? Will you buy into Year 2 of Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.