Ubisoft Teases Next Rainbow Six Siege DLC

Rainbow Six Siege Japanese Operation

Ubisoft tweets a mysterious image that lets Rainbow Six Siege players know the time has come for the Japanese operator DLC, which may carry a raven theme.

Ubisoft has kept almost absolutely quiet about the upcoming Japanese Rainbow Six Siege operator DLC, which comes as the fourth and final addition to the planned Year 1 content. The only official flicker of information until today had been when Ubisoft Japan excitedly posted a teaser for one of the Japanese operators 9 months ago, far ahead of its scheduled October 2016 release.

Now that the aforementioned month has come to an end, Ubisoft has taken to Twitter to post that the next batch of Rainbow Six Siege DLC is finally inbound, albeit a little behind schedule. The tweet, posted below, fittingly contains some Japanese text which translates into "Time Has Come," and features a raven on a bloody background. It's expected the raven will play into the Operation name when it is revealed, presumably soon.


Those who have been keeping a close eye on Rainbow Six Siege likely partook in the leaked video from last week, which showed off the new map (likely called Skyscraper) along with a few brief glimpses of the new Japanese defender, who many speculate will utilize a flying drone. A cryptic Reddit post from a week before the leaked footage came out predicted what gamers would later see in the leaked video, but also said that the female Japanese operator would use impact grenades which could breach small holes in reinforced walls. However, this is unconfirmed content for the time being.

Although the tweet doesn't mention anything about when the new downloadable content will come to light, it's likely that Ubisoft is timing the release for around the end of next month's Pro League finals, which take place on November 12-13. As always, season pass holders will gain exclusivity of the new operators for a week, at which point the operators will become available to everyone else, provided those can afford to purchase them with the in-game currency.

Rainbow Six Siege Japan Operator

The previous Operation Skull Rain DLC brought a resurgence of activity to the Rainbow Six Siege scene, and shortly after its release Ubisoft reported that the game grew to have more active players after the Brazilian DLC than it did at launch almost a year ago. The studio will be hoping to keep the good times rolling as it closes out its first season.

Nothing is known about what will come after the first season reaches its end, although it appears the promised permanent renown boost offered to current season pass holders may actually expire at the end of the year. Thankfully, access to the upcoming Japanese operators (and the previous releases) will be retained forever for those same season pass holders once the DLC is released.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft

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