Rainbow Six Siege Japan DLC Named, Operators Leak


Publisher and developer Ubisoft officially reveals the name of Rainbow Six Siege's Japan DLC as Operation Red Crow, while the forthcoming add-on's operators leak.

Earlier in the week, Rainbow Six Siege fans were given an idea of the theme for the tactical first-person shooter's forthcoming Japanese DLC after Ubisoft tweeted a cryptic image depicting what then appeared to be a black raven on a crimson backdrop. Now, the publisher and developer has decided to reveal the expansion's official name, with the company dubbing it "Operation Red Crow."

As seen below in the tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, Ubisoft instructs fans of the franchise to "stand by" for further information about the add-on. The publisher and developer has stated that more details regarding Operation Red Crow will be unveiled later this week, but the company failed to confirm an exact date.


Beyond the official news sanctioned by Ubisoft, it seems as if Rainbow Six Siege's next expansion set in Japan has encountered yet another press leak regarding the game's upcoming operators. Apparently, someone broke their non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by posting the details to shooter's official subreddit, which resulted in the divulging of the names and likenesses of the two attack and defense characters making their way into the game through the add-on.

As seen in the images below courtesy of the Reddit user known as cheesetoaster13, Rainbow Six Siege's two new operators are known as Echo and Hibana. If the stills are any indication of the characters' abilities, then Echo is quite possibly the defense operator, as he holds what appears to be some sort of technological device that will possibly locate enemies on the map. Hibana, on the other hand, wields a rather large assault rifle that looks like it has the ability to fire rounds injected with some sort of chemical component, presumably making her the attack operator.



This most recent reveal for Rainbow Six Siege follows a video leak from last week which not only offered a brief look at one of the aforementioned operators in action whose icon resembled a drone, but also it showed off the new season four DLC map, which could be named Skyscraper. In the clip, the player explains the best spots where one should make holes in the wall for ambushes, and the footage detailed multiple views of the restaurant which is likely the map's focus.

In any event, with Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Red Crow DLC on the way, it's evident that Ubisoft wants to keep as many people playing the title as it can since the release of Operation Skull Rain. Naturally, the company's greater goal is to expand Rainbow Six Siege's user base even further, and make sure that title continues to have more active players than it had during launch.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rainbow Six — Twitter, Reddit (via VG 24/7)

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