10 Great Operator Combos In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has no shortage of options when it comes to operators to choose from. Each of them has a unique gadget, lending themselves to a certain playstyle. But, Siege really opens up when you start thinking not just about what each operator can do alone, but what each operator can do in conjunction with another. Different operator combos can really give your team a distinct advantage in a certain area, and if you have a good idea what the enemy team is going to try to do, you can really create a team combo that's going to give the enemies trouble. Let's take a look at ten of the best operator combos in Rainbow Six Siege.

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In the current trap-meta of Siege, there are Defender traps absolutely everywhere. Lesion's Gu Mines, Ela's Grzmot Mines, Frost's Welcome Mats, and more. The good news is that there's an easy counter to these. Both Thatcher and IQ are great at dispatching enemy gadgetry that runs on electricity (that does exclude Welcome Mats, unfortunately). IQ can use her gadget to spot out enemy gadgets, and Thatcher can use a well-placed EMP Grenade to take out a few of them at a time.


This is a combo that's quite popular in Siege. Both Thermite and Hibana have a pretty easy counter in Bandit, Kaid, and Mute, but once again, Thatcher can come in to save the day. Thatcher can dispatch the enemy gadgets from the safety of the other side of the wall, allowing the hard-breachers to do their thing. This is usually going to be a necessity on any objective site with an important reinforced wall, so be ready to bring this combo fairly often.


As an alternative to bringing a Thatcher to take care of the hard-breaching counters, you could get a little more creative and bring a Twitch. While her drone certainly takes a bit more effort to get rid of enemy gadgets than Thatcher's EMP, it's more than capable of getting the job done in most circumstances.

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Twitch also comes with one of the best weapons in the game in the F2, so bringing her gives your team a bit more fragging potential than a Thatcher.


If your team really wants to be the most irritating team they can possibly be, bring all of the trappers that you can. Split up and cover a huge portion of the map in traps, and keep some roamers out and about to pounce as soon as they hear one go off. Kapkan can bring five traps of his own, Lesion can get eight mines out over a round, Frost has three Welcome Mats, Ela has three Grzmot Mines, and Jager can do his best to protect the gadgets from frags and EMP Grenades with his ADS device. (Alternately, you could bring Mute if you expect the enemy team to bring a Twitch.) This gets your team a grand total of nineteen traps out throughout the round, likely causing some real problems for the Attackers.


If you're looking to get a huge amount of intel, any combo of two or three of Valkyrie, Echo, and Maestro is going to get it for you. These operators all excel at gaining intel on their own, and combining their forces is going to really push the Attackers out of their comfort zone. If you're teamed up with some good roamers, communicating that intel can make for a true nightmare scenario for the Attackers, with roamers that seemingly know their every move.


If the Attackers are using drones particularly well, combining a Mozzie, Mute, and Maestro can go a long way in putting a stop to it. Mute can use his Jammers to prevent drones from entering certain areas, Mozzie can do the same with the added benefit of stealing the drone if it gets too close, and Maestro can dispatch any drones that drive by his cameras with ease, all while being safe where he's holed up. This combo will go a long way in slowing the enemy team's intel, likely slowing their Attack by a considerable amount.


If the enemy team has some good roamers on their side, bringing both a Nomad and a Gridlock can go a long way in preventing them from getting off any successful flank. Nomad's Airjabs detonate when a Defender gets in proximity, flinging them away and giving a pretty easy warning that a Defender is on the way.

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Gridlock's Trax can block off a huge area, causing damage and slowing any Defender that steps on them. Nomad and Gridlock get three each of both of their gadgets, meaning you can cover just about every flanking route the enemy roamers could possibly take.


If you put a heavy emphasis on entry-fragging, combining an Ash and a Nokk could be particularly effective. Ash is pretty much going to be the Defender's priority whenever they hear her approaching, so bringing a Nokk who can come in from nearby and move mostly silently can really catch the Defender's by surprise while they scramble to take care of the Ash. While Nokk may not have the best weaponry, there's nothing easier than taking care of an enemy that doesn't realize you're there.


Bringing any combo of the above operators is going to cause a real headache for the hard-breachers on the Attacking side. Between two or three of these operators, they can cover a serious amount of walls/ceilings, preventing enemies from opening up any new sightlines/entry points unless they've brought the right counters. This isn't likely to be super-effective unless Thatcher has been banned, but when that is the case, this can cause the Attackers some real problems.


Okay, but listen. Tachanka has definitely been meme'd, and he certainly isn't the best choice in, well, ANY objective, but there are situations you can create where he's going to shine. Bring a Tachanka with a deployable shield (or bring one with someone else), and set up two or three Jager ADS around Tachanka to prevent enemies from getting any easy frag grenades or Fuze kills on him. Get Tachanka into a spot where he can't be wall-banged, and with a prime sightline on an important door/window, and you've got yourself an actually-viable Tachanka. This likely isn't going to work more than once, but as a surprise tactic, this can really throw the Attackers off.

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