Rainbow Six Siege: How to Get Renown Fast

The lord awaits.

Rainbow Six Siege has slowly been expanding in scope over the years, starting with only a few operators and now ballooning into a game with a huge variety of maps and characters with unique abilities to keep track of. While some cosmetics and rewards can be earned for free, especially with the addition of a battle pass to Rainbow, most things that any player will want to unlock must be gained by spending Renown.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Renown, affectionately referred to by players as “yellow-boys," is the standard currency with which operators and cosmetics are unlocked. Some things like elite skins can only be purchased with the premium R6 Credits currency that costs real-world money, but Alpha Packs (loot boxes) and some cosmetics can only be acquired with Renown. Depending on the version of the game purchased, some operators will already be unlocked, but others will need to be unlocked either with Renown or Credits. However, spending free Renown is far preferable.

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Renown is generously given out after every multiplayer match, with more awarded for victories. However, there are other ways to quickly gain Renown, even for beginners.

Watch the In-Game Tutorials

Viewing the in-game tutorial videos gives a respectable 200 Renown each, with another 200 rewarded after watching all of them. This will only give the Renown one time, but it also provides useful information for new players to Rainbow Six.

Play the Situations

The Situations are short single-player tutorial levels against AI bots. Each one has three bonus objectives, and if all three objectives are completed the player will receive 600 Renown. Completing all the Situations will net the player 6,000 Renown. There is no other way to earn renown so quickly or easily, but it will only work the first time around. On top of this, these interactive tutorials get players accustomed to the mechanics of the game, like Rainbow's many weapon attachments and operator gadgets.

Check Weekly and Daily Challenges

Each Tuesday there are new challenges available in the Ubisoft Club menu that reward Renown for simple tasks like getting a certain number of shotgun kills or winning rounds with a set of operators. Players must be sure to accept all of the weekly challenges however, or else they will not make any progress towards completing them. The player’s account must be level three before being able to access these challenges, but reaching level three should not take much time at all.

There are also one-time challenges available through the Ubisoft Club, and even daily challenges that can be seen in the game’s main menu. The daily challenges are usually very easy, like getting a few kills in Terrorist Hunt or just playing rounds with certain operators. Not to worry, these challenges rarely involve new Rainbow Six operators, so new players can complete them too.

Play Ranked

Ranked is the higher-intensity multiplayer mode that has a smaller map-pool than casual and keeps track of the player’s stats to give them a rank based on won matches. Ranks range from Copper all the way up to Diamond and now, Champion. This mode has shorter rounds and is aimed towards a more skilled player-base than casual, but it gives out higher rewards. Once the player’s account is level 50, they will be able to access Ranked. However, it might be beneficial to brush up on the best strategies for winning in Rainbow Six.

On the other hand, Casual matches are much shorter, with victory coming after only three won rounds. They also do not penalize the player for quitting out for any reason. They do not give as much renown, but one might be able to play a couple Casual matches in the same time as a single competitive Ranked match. Casual is also a great place to level up, try out new strategies, or figure out which Rainbow Six operators work best.

Play Terrorist Hunt

Playing the PvE mode Terrorist Hunt does not reward very much renown, but it can be customized to make it much easier than multiplayer games. In the settings, the player can change their matchmaking preferences to only play T-Hunt on specific maps and game modes. This way, the player could make sure they always play Classic mode on House, and quickly run through the small map with their favorite operator. Because Rainbow Six will never get a single-player campaign, this is the closest many players will ever get.

Another option is to set the game to Protect Hostage mode and choose a location where the enemies usually file in slowly, making them easy targets. This is not the most fun, but it is relatively easy, and can be done cooperatively with friends or random players online, which can help with trying out good operator combos.

It may be easy and boring, but many players also use Terrorist Hunt as a way to warm up. If the player check their daily and weekly challenges to find a couple objectives in Terrorist Hunt, hopping in and getting some aim practice never hurts. As of Operation Ember Rise, T-Hunt was made a little more practice-friendly with the removal of bomber-type enemy bots.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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