Ubisoft may have spent several months on Operation Health for Rainbow Six Siege already, but that doesn’t mean the studio is finished when it comes to large-scale quality of life improvements for the squad-based tactical shooter. This week, Ubisoft has announced that a massive overhaul to the game’s recoil system was being implemented, an action which fixes a longstanding issue that has plagued the title ever since its launch in 2015.

During Operation Health, Ubisoft discovered that displaced weapon sights led to a large problem with weapon recoil, and sometimes meant that gamers firing shots were seeing a contrast between where their aiming reticle was and where bullets ended up hitting. For the most part these were small differences, but this occasionally led to massive differences in reticle-to-bullet transitions, and that’s something that can really negatively effect enjoyment of Rainbow Six Siege.

Fixing the issue required that Ubisoft completely rework recoil for Rainbow Six Siege as a whole, so that’s what the company did. The previous system created recoil based on a fairly randomized structure involving game-generated diamond shapes and random point allotments, which isn’t exactly the most realistic approach to recoil. Ubisoft has now put in a system it calls Multi-Stage Recoil, and this allows the company to implement unique data sets for recoil chances based on the weapon being used.

Instead of having each weapon have its own unique recoil set like in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Ubisoft has placed them into groups called “families,” which is oddly a friendly-sounding way to group life-ending bullets. The idea behind grouping them as a collective is so that gamers aren’t overwhelmed trying to master each weapon’s individual recoil, and instead just have 6 groups of recoil patterns to memorize.

Here’s the aforementioned 6 groups in action:

  1. AUG A2, Type-89, F2, C7E, AR33, G36C, L85A2, 556xi, PARA-308
  2. 552 commando, AK-12, C8SFW, 416-C, R4C
  3. G8A1, M249, 6P41, T-95 LSW, PDW9, P90, Scorpion EVO 3 A1
  4. MP5k, MP5, FMG-9, T-5, MP5SD, MPX, 9x19VSN, MP7
  5. MK17 CQB
  6. SMG-11, Bearing 9, Vector .45 ACP

Shotguns, DMRs, and some of the lower firing rate SMGs have been excluded from the published list due to the fact that Ubisoft hasn’t finished reworking them yet. This updated recoil system is already live on the game’s test servers, so those braving the TTS environment should see an immediate impact. Ubisoft hasn’t stated when the official patch for the recoil update will arrive, but we have to imagine it will be a significant game-changer for those frustrated at the disparity between reticle aim and actual bullet trajectory.

Gamers hopping online will also find themselves smack dab in the middle of Operation Blood Orchid, which introduces three new operators and a new Hong Kong-based theme park map.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft