Rainbow Six Siege Confirms Ember Rise Operators

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Ember Rise expansion is preparing for launch with the promise of two new Operators, as well as a rework of the map named Kanal. Ubisoft officially confirmed the two new Rainbow Six Siege Operators today during the Six Major Raleigh Invitational, after prior leaks revealed the playable characters early. The two operators are named Amaru and Goyo and hail from Peru and Mexico, respectively. Ubisoft also confirmed that Year 4 will be receiving a more traditional Battle Pass.

Operation Ember Rise's first new Operator is Amaru, an Attack Operator empowered with the unique gadget "Garra Hook." The gadget is a type of grappling hook that will attach to a surface and pull Amaru towards it. This isn't just any grappling hook, however, as the Garra Hook can latch onto any ledge, open exterior window, open hatch, or even skylight, propelling her forward. Amaru is otherwise a medium armor and medium speed Attacker.

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The second Operator being released as part of Operation Ember Rise is Goyo, a Defender who can use a unique gadget named "Volcan Shield" that can be placed to limit maneuverability. The Shield also packs an inflammable charge on its back that can be shot to explode, either by friend or foe. Goyo is otherwise a medium armor and medium speed Defender.

As for Rainbow Six Siege's new Battle Pass, Ubisoft plans to roll out the feature in two phases. Season 3 of Year 4 will receive what Ubisoft is calling a Mini Battle Pass named Call Me Harry. This will be an entirely free 7-day Battle Pass with four exclusive rewards.

Season 4 will receive a full-fledged Battle Pass with both a free and premium track. Like in most games, progression through the Battle Pass requires simply playing and succeeding at the game.

Rainbow Six Siege remains an ever-growing, increasingly impressive games-as-a-service title. Almost four years after launch, players are still receiving free content from Ubisoft in the form of new Operators and map reworks. There's also the Battle Pass, which will offer free content to players just for playing.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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