Rainbow Six Siege Teases Next DLC Release


Ubisoft developers tease the contents of Rainbow Six Siege's forthcoming Operation Dust Line DLC, announcing a live demo for the game's next expansion this weekend.

After announcing Rainbow Six Siege's second DLC package Operation Dust Line a couple of weeks ago, the squad-based tactical shooters' developers at Ubisoft are now prepping its fans for the expansion's launch next week on May 11 for Season Pass owners, and May 18 for those without Season Passes. In order to give Rainbow Six Siege's dedicated players an ample idea of what's to come with the add-on, the studio took to the title's official Twitter account to reveal a brief snippet of Operation Dust Line's gameplay and make it known that the DLC will have a live demo streaming via Twitch on Saturday, May 7, before the PC Pro League Grand Final.

As previously divulged, Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Dust Line will have a fresh map and two new operators added to the game, with the first character being a Defender named Valkyrie, whose primary weapon is a SPAS-12 shotgun, and who has the ability to put sticky cameras all around the map. The cameras can be put on practically any surface and are then able to be used by any of her other teammates.

The second operator in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Dust Line DLC is a character named Blackbeard, who is an Attacker with a shield mounted to his weapon, allowing him to take point on the front-lines and avoid getting shot in the head. His main gun will be a Desert Eagle, which ought to pack quite the punch when it comes to firepower.



As seen in the teaser video above, Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Dust Line DLC is set to take place somewhere in the Middle East, and fans can see quick bits of Valkyrie's and Blackbeard's specialties in action. Naturally, both of the Operators ought to handily hold their own in battle, especially considering the top-tier gear they've been given.

For the sake of posterity, owners of Rainbow Six Siege's Season Pass and Collector's Edition (the latter of which includes the former) will be able to access both of the Operation Dust Line DLC's new characters during the week of May 9. Of course, this is somewhat later than originally anticipated since the game's Operation Black Ice DLC was delayed earlier this year.

As far as future expansions for Rainbow Six Siege go, the Ubisoft Japan Twitter account teased a Japanese Operator for upcoming DLC, which is set to occur sometime later this year once Season 4 begins. In the meantime, fans of the shooter will have to wait patiently for both Operation Dust Line and the rest of this 2016's post-launch content to drop.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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