Ubisoft confirms that the first major DLC expansion for Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation Black Ice, won’t make its expected January release and will instead launch on February 2, 2016.

Rainbow Six Siege is unfortunately no stranger to delays, having been pushed out of its original October release date, eventually releasing the first week of December 2015. With a robust downloadable content plan in place with the goal of continuing to support and grow the online community, the first DLC expansion known as Operation Black Ice has suffered a slight delay and is going to miss its January 2016 release window and arrive on February 2, 2016.

The first of four major expansions coming to Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Black Ice adds two new operators from the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorism unit both of which are outfitted with new weapons and unique gadgets. The expansion pack will also add a new map to the existing 10 that launched with the game which will be available to all players for free, new weapon skins, and gameplay upgrades which were not immediately detailed.

Season pass owners will be able to download both operators for free immediately once the content is available while everyone else will need to wait a week to unlock them either through in-game currency or via microtransaction purchases. These operators will be available for 600 R6 Credits which roughly translates to about $5 each.

Siege Road Map

Ubisoft has planned for a new expansion to release every three months, so it’s not apparent if this delay is going to shift the other planned expansions back as well, or if the expected release windows will remain intact. Based on Ubisoft’s research data, the company believes players won’t have any trouble saving up and unlocking each new operator after about 25 total hours of gameplay. Based on the research, Ubisoft has observed that the average FPS player spends about 8-10 hours a week playing their favorite shooter, meaning the average gamer should need only 2-3 weeks maximum to unlock a new operator in the game.

After a small bout of online issues after launch, Rainbow Six Siege has been a stable experience and one that Ubisoft is planning on updating quite often. Already the company has outlined plans to punish players who take pleasure in trolling by team killing players, and improving the game through technical updates with HUD enhancements and gameplay balancing which should make the experience a beneficial one for experienced and novice players alike.

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Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Rainbow Six Twitter