Rainbow Six Siege Delayed to December 2015

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After terrorist-busting shooter Rainbow Six: Patriots was cancelled, with its development team citing problems with current gen consoles, Rainbow Six Siege was born from its ashes. The game made a huge splash at E3 2014, where Ubisoft showed a group of Rainbow Six operators trying to rescue a woman who was being kept hostage by a group of other players.

By and large, Siege had all of the things that Rainbow Six players had hoped for: teamwork, strategies and plenty of destruction, with Ubisoft keen to show off their new Realblast Destruction technology. Rainbow Six fans were also excited for the return of the Terrohunt mode and the game’s ‘no respawn’ rule, both of which would surely offer them a serious challenge.

With all of that gameplay shown off and with Ubisoft having set the Rainbow Six Siege release date as October 13, many were happy to see that the game had shrugged off its difficult beginnings and was well on its way to becoming one of this year’s best shooters. Unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing, as Ubisoft has now delayed the game until December 1 in all regions, although the Rainbow Six Siege beta will still go ahead as planned on September 24.

Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Preview

The company explains that they are delaying the game as a result of the feedback that they’ve gotten from internal playtests, the game’s closed alpha, and hands-on demos at Gamescom and E3. Ubisoft feels that they can make “adjustments and improvements” to the game, including “improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation.” They will also use this extra time to improve their infrastructure and matchmaking. Ubisoft also says that they understand fans are excited to play Rainbow Six Siege, but as gamers themselves, they know that “quality comes first” and they are “committed to delivering the best game possible”.

Rainbow Six Siege is not the only shooter to be delayed following feedback, with Battlefield Hardline also being pushed back following the game’s beta, something that many feel did improve the game. Plus, with Battlefield 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Ubisoft’s own game, Assassins’ Creed Unity, all having connection issues, many fans are happy to accept this delay if it means that Siege will avoid the same troubles.

However, it’s possible that Ubisoft may still be releasing Rainbow Six Siege too early. If the game’s beta throws up further concerns, that Ubisoft didn’t witness during its internal playtests or hands-on sessions with gaming media, that doesn’t give them much time to address the feedback and so the game may even end up being delayed even further.

Are you still excited for Rainbow Six Siege, despite the game’s delay? Are you planning on playing the game’s beta? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Ubisoft