Rainbow Six Siege to Combat Toxicity With New Chat Filters

Rainbow Six Siege PVE Mode

Throughout the internet and online gaming, toxicity within any community is an issue in need of constant attention. Whether it be to curb derogatory approach or simply inappropriate language, those behind the wheel of monitoring users always have a tough job in front of them. In respect to Ubisoft, many of their online games are treated with a live service model, meaning their player bases tend to hang around much longer than the average game already.

For Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has had an ever-evolving model to how they manage regular issues within their player base. This week Ubisoft released a new chat filter, announced on the Rainbow6 Developer Blog, forewarning players of specific terms and vocabulary which will not be allowed in game chat. The new system follows feedback from the original approach which simply handed out permanent bans to players if they used any form of inappropriate language. While providing players with a clear understanding of what they could say did provide a benefit, the restrictions did hinder the gameplay experience for some players.

The new change to address concerns by the Rainbow Six Siege community is but one of many issues that has surfaced at the turn of the game's newest season. The push to streamline censorship of multiple mature references didn't go over well with fans, leading to responses such as users review-bombing the game across various digital stores. In wake of the reaction, Ubisoft quickly reverted the game to present its original content in an effort to lessen the backlash caused by players.

If Rainbow Six Siege is to continue being the massive ongoing multiplayer game it has been for over three years now, Ubisoft is going to have to find the sweet spot between giving players enough expressive freedom without enabling a security system which hands out bans to players left and right. Ubisoft has proven to be a company that is both willing to take risks with their franchises and support those titles long-term, so pleasing fans should be one of, if not their highest priority.

Other live service games from Ubisoft may not see as many of these issues, such as For Honor or The Division, but with the success Rainbow Six Siege has and will continue to bring in, the best thing Ubisoft can do is listen to their fans, as they're the main reason for why the hit online FPS has seen the success it has.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rainbow6 Dev Blog

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