Rainbow Six Siege is hosting its competitive Pro League Finals later this month, airing on Twitch from August 25 to the 26. Alongside Rainbow Six Siege’s announcement of the event, however, the launch date for the next patch was also given as August 29.

The new operation is dubbed “Operation Blood Orchid.” On August 29, it will go live on Rainbow Six Siege‘s PC, PS4, and Xbox One servers. Alongside the patch will be “a new map, new customization items, and three new operators” according to Ubisoft. The map will be available to all players, but only Season Pass holders will have access to the new operators on August 29 — other players will have to wait until September 5. A stream of the Pro League Finals will show off the new Hong Kong map and the three new operators: two from the Hong Kong SDU unit, and one from the Polish GROM unit.

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid new operator

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, this patch has been a long time coming. After Operation Velvet Shell introduced the new Spanish CTU in February, Ubisoft switched up its Year 2 Season 2 plans to focus on the games health. The result was Operation Health, which didn’t bring the new map or operators players had been waiting for months to receive. While players still have a little time to wait before they can play the new map and operators, having them finally on the horizon will help keep spirits up.

Plenty of players would likely say Operation Health was good for the game. It improved the game Matchmaking system and UI, and it brought a much-needed loot system called Alpha Packs. But with games focused on unique characters, like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, players are always going to want new characters to spice things up, and that’s one thing Operation Health didn’t deliver.

After Rainbow Six Siege’s launch, the game stagnated, but fixes from Ubisoft managed to bring the game back into the spotlight. Now, if the player base has sought fresh experiences elsewhere during Operation Health, Ubisoft has a chance to reel them back in with Operation Blood Orchid’s new map and three new operators, including the one pictured above with a very noticeable hatchet.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Blood Orchid content will release on August 29, 2017.

Source: Blog.ubi.com