Rainbow Six Siege kept gamers waiting for a long time, as Operation Health replaced the game’s most recent season. While players had been expecting a new batch of Polish operators months ago, Ubisoft delayed the new Rainbow Six Siege operators to focus on the game’s health, improving matchmaking, fixing bugs, and even changing the patch system. But the time for the next batch of operators is finally here, with the new patch going live on August 29. In the lead up to this patch, Ubisoft has started to show off the content that’s coming, including one of it’s new operators Ying.

Ying is a female operator from the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit. As can be seen in the teaser trailer further below, she appears to be moderately armored, suggesting she may have Level 2 armor and speed in game. Her gadget was also briefly shown off, which an earlier leak called the Candela — a rolled or attached device that released a cluster of flashbang charges, stunning enemies.

The video shows one of Ying’s weapons, but a profile on Ubisoft’s website says she has a SIX12 and T-95 LSW as her primary weapons, and a Q-929 pistol as her sidearm. The SIX12 is a revolver-style bullpup shotgun, and the T-95 is a light machine gun, making her the only attack operator so far to not have an assault rifle available.

The background offered for the character says Ying’s unit, the SDU, has close ties to the S.A.S., which include attack operators Sledge and Thatcher. Ubisoft may be hinting at some early synergies between these characters, as Ying could roll in a cluster charge while Sledge breached to make sight-lines on all the stunned enemies.

Players hoping to see more of Ying in action and find out just how her gadget works will want to check into Twitch on August 25 and 26, as Ubisoft’s Pro League Finals will include a look at Ying, the new Theme Park map, and the other two new operators. Players will be able to get their hands on the new operators August 29 if they have the Season Pass, and all other players will have a chance on September 5.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Blood Orchid content will release on August 29, 2017.

Source: Ubisoft, YouTube